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March 16, 2011


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Glad to see you back. It is all up to us common voters. Do we understand that human nature leads to control of others and that the founding fathers designed a form of government that would allow us freedom to control ourselves?

Buddy and Rusty have been asking about their friends Tiny and Earl Grey. And I've been fretting that some illness had invaded Chelsea-by-the-Sea and caused our Sissy and Tuck to be unable to post! Now Sissy - if goomp and I both miss your posts, you know you need to return to action!

Glad to see that the Massachusetts Kitteh Clowdah is back in session . . . I was starting to worry too.

There are the kitties! And there is Sissy! Yay. I think this has just been an all around depressing winter even without all the world falling to pieces as we watch.

Maybe the spring will bring a brighter outlook and more kitty and salt pictures and make us all happier. ;-)

What a wonderful post this is -- you make it thoughtful, kitteh-ful, topical, and funny, all in one column. So cool.

The cat pics are great, especially the one of Tiny, looking so intently at That Which Only Cats Can See.

Off the topic though this may be, I love your dining room built-ins, and the beautiful wall treatment.

("Show a little ankle." What a great line!)

It's hard to post when your fingers are glued to the Twitter keyboard, alas.

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