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March 06, 2011


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Sam Donaldson in a rare display of insight nailed it last week when he said that "Newt wakes up every day with ten new ideas. Three are pretty good, three are so-so and the rest are awful but he doesn't know which is which himself."

The guy has no discipline in his personal life nor in his political life. He is all over the map all of the time. He has the same problem as Michael Steele where they both try to ingratiate themselves to whatever audience they are addressing at that time. Chameleons.

The only guy who desperately wants him to run is Sean Hannity for reasons known only to Hannity. I suspect a drug problem.

I'm surprised they aren't wearing little embroidered newts on their lapels in that pic. Otherwise I have to say what a waste of time for him. He's never been electable, but after that ridiculous commercial he did with Pelosi about global warming, anyone with any sense knew he's completely lost his ever lovin' mind. Heh.

""Newt Explore" sounds like someone is lizard huntin'"

Lizards are reptiles. Newts are amphibians. Big difference.

You want to know what a Newt-Man run in 2012 means? An Obama victory with 400 electoral votes.

No thanks.

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