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March 29, 2011


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LOL - the little sweetie is having some fun indeed. I love it!

When good cats get together.

Glad your house was so serene this morning. My boys were all up in paws this a.m. because a small black cat who used to play with the much loved and lamented Sam the Wonder Cat was hanging around in my front yard at 5:15 a.m., unknown to me! Well Rusty was on the back of the couch, growling and I opened the front door (thinking Buddy was in the bedroom asleep) to take out the trash and get the morning paper and here comes Buddy streaking out the front door! Took me 2-1/2 hours to lure him into the house and I swear - the cat waited until the whistle for the last train into D.C. sounded before coming into the house!

But the little black cat was long gone! He/she is lucky Rusty didn't get out - he's lethal!

Side note - I work 51 miles north of where I live and freezing rain is forecast so there was no way I was going to leave the house until Buddy was safely ensconced where it's warm and dry!

Awww! Darling cat pictures! Made my day. Thanks, dear Sissy.

I was giving my fat ginger cat a Stern Lecture on the perils of redtail hawks and horned owls in the neighborhood this morning but all she would do was Mraaaaaaaow for tuna, oblivious to the peril in the skies. She was very interested in the wild turkey male that flew into the back yard day before yesterday (I think she would have killed him, with some help form the dog, but he flew away)

Silver tabby! My favorite cat design. With maybe a little tortie orange mixed in?

I have been getting such a great welcome home from my guys. I think they would be happy if I never left the house (except when they're sleeping) and never did anything but play with them. They gave each other a bath in bed with me this morning, and I felt what it was to be accepted into the pride -- a great privilege for a mere primate.

amba - you have absolutely no idea what a magnificent privilege was granted you. My two boys sleep with me in disparate portions of the bed, but to allow me to smile upon their cleansing ritual - not likely. And yes, like mine, your furry children would be thrilled if you stayed home with them 24/7 - until such time as you no longer earned enough money to provide them with their highly favored tuna!

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