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February 16, 2011


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If by "most powerful" he means "gayest," then I'm right there with him.

I think that instantaneous revelations of boorish speech and thought is a very healthy thing.

What happened to Lara Logan shouldn't happen on the streets of any major city in the so-called civilized world. And anyone, male or female, who considers that assault as anything other than the horrendous act of violence it was is a deplorable boob! Rape isn't about sex, it's about violence, control and power. Liberals say that all the time, but like many of the things they say, they don't really mean it or believe it!

Civility be damned; most liberals aren't really very nice people.

Freedom of speech is not acceptable to our
betters who would rule us.

I do this with my twitter too. and sometimes in my facebook.

Liberal men are terrified of liberal women, with good reason. I've never seen such a humorless, militantly nasty bunch of critters in my entire life!

If liberal men were honest (not a trait often associated with the left), they'd prefer Sarah Palin to any left wing female! I suspect that's what drive the vitriol against Sarah Palin - the insecurities of left-wing women who know darned well that, given the choice, most men will go for women like us rather than women like them. Men don't really like strident, combative, vicious-tongued companions who don't bathe as often as they should and cannot cook a lick because they think it's beneath their intellectual pose.

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