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January 20, 2011


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So we finally have a politician who steps right out and answers questions clearly, boldly and directly and she is being criticized for not having a staff to handle the press for her? So the MSM can't outwit Palin so they want her to pick someone they can defeat?

Do we want honest politicians who talk to us directly or don't we?

Honest politicians are hard to come by and therefore not readily understood by the MSM. Their confusion over Sarah is readily understandable.

One of the many reasons Sarah scares the establishment is that she has mastered the new media that allows her to speak directly to us, thus denying the MSM its main tool of being the filter through which meaning of what someone said is communicated. It takes a lot of wiggle room out of the process for politicians and media alike. Sarah says what she means and means what she says.

Palin’s work ethic,
$arah took a vow an oath to THE PEOPLE and then QUIT her post 1/2 way through....a couple days after a million dollar book deal check cleared...what are you loons talking about? What WORK ETHIC....she is a talking head, an empty vessel being USED and bought, there is no work involved.
More power to her, but PA-LEEEZ, we ALL know what she is.

Pretty lame, DEO. Try looking at the woman's record without the PDS filter for a change. You might be surprised.

Not only is Palin "everything they are not," she is perpetually happy. She won't go away, and she's always got a smile on her face.

They vilify her up one side and down the other and it bothers her not a bit.

That alone drives them nuts.

There's no doubt that she's a force to be reckoned with, despite all that's been written and said.

My dear husband (who has had more time to keep up with things than I have lately) pointed out Neo-neocon's blog post about Sarah and why she is so despised by the left. Having listened to a few people in person with exactly this attitude... I have to say I think neo has hit it on the head.


There is no logic involved, no facts, it's all very visceral, like most bigotry in this world.

Are you people high? She doesn't say anything when she talks. She is profoundly ignorant, her knowledge is stunningly superficial. There is no logic, no facts, just made up bumper sticker talking points.

Terry, what she does is give a public voice to what MILLIONS have already figured out for themselves ... fundamental principles that have stood the test of time, yet are pooh-poohed as "bumper sticker talking points" or worse by those who believe that things just CAN'T be that "simple".

Well guess what ... when it comes to what makes human society work, often it IS that "simple". The critics' refusal to recognize that speaks volumes about their qualifications to lead us, regardless of their credentials and erudition.

Get off your high horse, and pay attention to what the says. Refute her with FACTS, not mere invective ... if you have the facts to do so.

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