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January 11, 2011


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Best part is, most of the vitriol spinners tend to spew their own brand of violent verbal imagery.

Like Patrick Kennedy:


It is just amazing how the the leftists can keep a virtuous demeanor as they call the kettle black after the years of hate they have spewed forth against the conservatives and those who love the USA.

So... according to David Brock, Rupert Murdoch is supposed to assume some sort of responsibility for the actions of someone who was in no way inspired by Fox News, Glenn Beck, or anything else other than his own derangement?

Well, that's fair enough! When, then, will Brock step up and accept responsibility for Clay Duke's murderous attempt on the Florida school board?

Actually BadGenome, shouldn't George Soros (Brock's employer) accept responsibility for that attack - since he's Brock's "Rupert Murdoch"?

Although Beck makes Murdoch a ton of money, while David Brock just spends Soros' propoganda money. The quality of their work reflects that as well.

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