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January 09, 2011


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What a joke those leftist slobs present. We can't suggest that terrorist attacks are made by Muslim fanatics, but it is fine for them to accuse Sarah of instigating mentally disturbed persons to murderous behavior.

SO3 + H2O ----> H2SO4

When oleum and water do mix they make vitriol.

Thank you Sissy.

The lunatic (who apparently is enjoying his infamy way too much) had targeted Rep. Giffords in 2007, long before Sarah Palin's prominence began, long before the Tea Party, long before it was ever suspected that Barack Hussein Obama would win the presidency! Paranoid schizophrenics (which is what I suspect the shooter to be) are incited by the voices in their own heads!

Meanwhile, the dependably insane Fred Phelps and his merry band of lunatics plan to picket the funeral of the victims, particularly the funeral of the little 9-year old girl who was killed! What possible sin could this innocent child have ever committed that would justify - even in the minds of the deeply demented - this kind of pain being inflicted on her parents?

Seriously people, get a grip!

Skippy, here, cuts to the heart of the matter.

The political discourse in this country, flawed and unpleasant as it may be, is not the issue, and legislation to rein it in is a Big Mistake.

We should, however, have fewer compunctions about permanently removing Mad Dogs from our midst.

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