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January 29, 2011


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I am sorry but thinking that USA can control what is happening in Egypt is a pipe dream, this bizarre idea of supporting Mubarak is a tremendous mistake. USA should draw a line where Egypt goes from friend to enemy, other than that can't do much.

I remember when a progressive friend casually unleashed a torrent of antisemitism. I was blindsided and horrified.

That's how I feel now as I listen to friends defend a military junta.

Left and Right are both statist at heart.

Anyone remember the cocktail blissfully named the Cuba Libre, and how you paid an extra buck for it back in the '50s to help Castro throw out Batista?

where are the happy go lucky Iranian dissenters? If the Mad Muslim Brotherhood takes over, Detroit will be filled with Egyptian adulterers.

"...a military junta."-HappyAcres

I'm old enough to remember when a libertarian announced to the left and right, "Utopia is not an option."

Today's libertarians have gone soft. Freedom requires personal eternal vigilance, hard work and tough decisions so they're all liberaltarians now, eh?

porkov, where in hell did you get that? The Cuba Libre was invented in 1900, to sell Coca-Cola, and the name celebrates their liberation from Spain.

Cuba Libre - see it's a generational thing: I was told it was the drink of the exile community looking forward to the overthrow of Castro!! WTF! Three drinks in one!

I would rather see the USA government stay out of it & do nothing, but that the American people fast and pray. There are people I care about in the Coptic community and nothing good can come of this situation for them. We have to stop thinking in terms of human solutions, because there are none in the Middle East, and start thinking of divine intervention.

Iris Celeste

I probably should just keep quiet, but I think the time to have done something was before. Encouraging the Green Revolution in Iran and pushing for democratic reform elsewhere. Now I'm afraid it is too late. Anything the USA does will be wrong. Christians must also recognize that there is a Spiritual component as well. This isn't just human events and we still have recourse to our spiritual nature to fight the Evil.

Iris Celeste

Have to agree with you, Iris ... just as with the Shah, we have not been sufficiently proactive with the Egyptian leadership when it comes to demanding rights-respecting governance in their nation.

The problem is, when ANY assertive move by America is smeared as "imperialism" by those (inside and outside her borders) who believe that America is "uppity" and must be reduced to the least-common-denominator of international standing, it is not easy for even resolute leaders like Reagan and GWB to be proactive in this regard.

If/when this mess leads to a Muslim-Brotherhood-controlled haven for terrorists and totalitarian expansion, the Progressives need to look in the mirror ... for it is their knee-jerk refusal to support ANY direct/timely/resolute confrontation of such regimes in the past, that leaves the door open for such messes to stink up our world.

Moral equivalence kills.

This is not a nostalgic 'anti-colonial uprising' from within, of all places, the land of Nassar. Right now, freedom's radicalized enemies are subverting Egypt and our other allies.
Having failed to bring down civilization with terrorist acts, they are now using the Soviet playbook from the Cold War.

And us with the second coming of Jimmy Carter in the White House. I'm not encouraged.


"If the Mad Muslim Brotherhood takes over, Detroit will be filled with Egyptian adulterers."

Detroit (and other US destinations) might take Coptic Christians as the Muslim world continues the cleanse but the so called "moderate Muslims" who continue to enable this process should no longer be allowed to burrow into our society.

I will be incredibly surprised if any good comes from this revolt.

Mubarak is a bastard. He's not a great ally. On the other hand, there could easily be far worse dudes running Egypt.

Why people on the left--and too many on the right--can't see this is beyond me.

Amen Stan- We need to seriously limit the immigration of Muslims into the US. The goal of Islam is to conquer all civilizations and religions. Muslims do not integrate into any society they immigrate to. The Coptic Christians should be offered refugee status, but the Muslims should be kept out. There is no such thing as a "moderate Muslim"; if a Muslim truly follows the Islamic religion, they are capable of horrible atrocities.

HappyAcres, I can't imagine how you can possibly get up in the morning knowing that we literaly, actively defended Stalin during WW2.

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