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January 05, 2011


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As has been said, "power corrupts". Term limits is one way to help distrbute power. Power over government belongs with the people and not with individual politicians.

There is a great deal more accountability already evident and that's a good thing. If it continues to be evident, it will be a great thing. The longer la Pelosi is out of power and seen for the shrewish incompetent she is, the better off we will be.

The more that screeching harridan can be pushed into the background, the happier I will be. She is the most unserious, inept, incompetent, silly darned fool female to ever grace the halls of congress. A pox on all her houses.

Good post. I like to read your posts. well written. thank you.

There is a strong rumor going around that Zippy the Slick has his legal team working overtime trying to find a way for him to glom onto the Medicare Trust Fund monies for his Obamacare funding in case the new Congress refuses to fund the agencies tasked with administering the law. The only comfort I take is that if they are as competent as Zippy and Michelle at the practice of law, Medicare's funds are safe! But we need to be vigilant. There's still no end of mischief he can do.

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