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January 27, 2011


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Freedom to think followed by freedom to speak and by freedom to act are the foundations of the Tea Party as well as what made the "Shining City".


It will never fly. Reagan was a basically happy man. Obama is a basically angry man. Never the twain shall meet.

Sarah gets it ... as I said the other night, expanding government expands the opportunities for the very crony capitalism the Regressives rail against.

And it should be noted that corporate "power" attains oppressive levels ONLY when it can leverage collusion with government to do so. Otherwise, corporate power is quite limited in what it can do to you ... that's why new businesses are able to, on a regular basis, rise up and take the business away from established corporations.

That is, unless the established get government to trade in its striped shirt for a coach's jacket ... then, you get results like ethanol subsidies, funded by (among others) taxing those who would otherwise have the funds to develop a better alternative, faster.

Yet the Progs insist on such expansion as the alternative to the alleged "abuses".

I leave it to the student to determine whether this is evidence of hypocrisy ... or stupidity.

She said "crony capitalism," she must be reading or listening to Mark Levin. =) Even more reason for me to like her. Love Rubio too, love how he put it so brilliantly.

If Palin is correct, the U. S. basically will be rerunning Italy under Mussolini--but, my bad, I'm SURE that the seven-letter "F" word does NOT come close to meeting the "new civility" test.

Doctordan, it's civil if it's Progressive, soft, cuddly fascism.

Those three form a multitude....Love it.

This country must and will stand because it is filled with quiet people who are resolute in their dedication to the liberties treasured by citizens of this country.

As far as the so-called "civility" is concerned, I believe this sudden desire of the Dems to be "civil" is just another ploy of theirs to silence the right by accusing the middle and the right of being either uncivil or racist whenever we disagree with them.

You can probably imagine pretty clearly my opinion of that kind of politically correct horse pucky!

The longer I live, the more I realize that every day in every way, when you work in D.C. you are never very far from a flaming moron!

In the meantime, Buddy and Rusty send their love to Tiny and her suitor, Earl Grey!

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