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January 12, 2011


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Palin's attempt to muzzle her sights.

Silencing those who stand for freedom is the goal of those who would enslave us. Sarah points the way to truth.

Sarah Palin is a gift of God to a nation weary of left-wingers and longing for reality and a breath fresh air in the public arena!

Well, if we assume that we as a race are becoming more intelligent, which I think Darwin would agree with, then we should understand that Marxism/Communism is not a sustainable way of governing/culture.

Sarah: I doubt that Darwin would agree with your assumption of our race's becoming more intelligent. It's not intelligence per se but rather the ability of our progeny to survive the great winnowing process of evolution that got us where we are today.

"Nor the most intelligent that survives"

It is unlikely that Darwin would agree that we are becoming more intelligent, and looking around yourself who could blame him, but one hope of humanity is that we will learn from experience. Sadly, those that are addicted to power are much like alcoholics or narcotic addicts, with their ever present optimism that next time they will be able to control what is beyond their grasp. Next time, always next time. The alternative, walking away from alcohol forever, is a hard one to face.

Just so with our central leaders. Sure, communism failed in Soviet Russia, and socialism is failing in Europe, but this time, this time ... it's really going to work out for the best for everyone. Because we are the ones. We are the best and brightest, we care more and are the smartest ever.

Could it be true that only the framers understood the addictive and abusive nature of power's influence on the human heart? Or did they simply recognize what has been known for millenia, their exceptionalism being their willingness to act upon that knowledge?

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