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January 04, 2011


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It is so simple to understand. Without the freedom given to the people by our constitution to advance their satisfaction with life by personal effort stagnation followed by povety is our future. The ignorant intellectuals are unable to understand.

Memo for Barney Frank: I'm sure the GOP will gladly blow "air kisses" to the Tea Party folks. That's way more palatable than your continually kissing Nancy Pelosi's ass.

God, just the thought of Barney and Nancy hooking up is making my stomach do 360's.....

Mark J - there's probably very little chance of those two characters hooking up - she's way too Butch for Barney!

On the serious side - I am praying with utmost dedication for the new members of the House of Representatives that they not lose their way (or their souls) during the next two years. Our nation's survival depends on them.

gee imagine politicans who actually care what the people think, how revolting.

Listening to Governor Scott's inauguration speech at noon today I kept saying "I hope he lives up to what he says he is going to do as the new governor. We all need to pray earnestly that our newly elected conservative politicians hold fast to the beliefs that got them elected in an effort to bring back this great nation to its roots.

It's not the reading that's important, it's the listening with comprehension that's key....

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