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December 11, 2010


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"we twittered Representative-elect Kristi Noem in appreciation of her delivery of a rousing "Weekly Republican [Radio] Address" (h/t Gateway Pundit) this morning"

What in the hell are you listening too? Rep. Noem just endorsed Obama/Establishment tax swindle. Kristi needs shut her stupid mouth and do some more research. Rep. Noem is only interested in helping herself, because her family owns a farm. I'm interested in the long term stability of this nation. The spending must be controlled or there will be endless QE's from the Fed. At the current rate, a loaf of bread is going to cost $7. Just lowering the tax cuts will not help me buy a loaf of bread. Period!!!!

This tax bill includes close to 1 trillion dollars worth of debt/stimulus spending and massive kickbacks. I don't want tax cuts that adds another trillion dollars to the deficit.

I don't trust Boehner, McConnell or Cantor, they are the Establishment and they like the porklus status quo. The real reason Sen. McConnell wanted to get this tax deal done is because he knows that when the Tea Party senators show up in Jan. they'll vote, hell no, on this bill.

There is no need to negotiate with Obama. The real Tea Party infantry (that actually read the damn bill) is coming in Jan.

No more Christie porn and no more Noem porn. Open both ear drums and carefully listen to what actually stand for and stop the stupid hero worship.

Noem is indeed the right kind of Republican. She is smart, articulate, and right on the issues. Kind of attractive too, if I may say.

anon-Mus takes an extreme position that is out of touch with political reality. He's the type who thinks that if our side screams louder we can always get what we want. He is also intemperate and somewhat foul-mouthed, and I never respect people who write like that.


I noticed you haven't made a counter point to my "deficit spending" portion, of the comment.

Get a life you @$#$%%^&&^ @#$$@@! #$$*&^%%$%3#@.

Just kidding. Have a good Sunday. Go Steelers!!

Anon_mus - while your taste in football teams is exemplary (of course I grew up in Cleveland and live in D.C. so I have pretty low standards), intemperate frothing generally doesn't do here. It is indeed true that in order to get His Majesty to cooperate in maintaining current tax rates, the current Pubies had to give up way too much. The new bunch won't be under quite so much pressure. Once Nasty Nancy's teeth have been removed on 1/5/11, there may well be a different tone. But you must bear in mind that we still need Zippy's signature on whatever it is we manage to accomplish. And it is likewise true that we probably are really only going to have to cope with his incompetent self for about 1 year and then he'll be off campaigning again (or as usual - one never knows with Himself). The next 2 years will be tricky. We must remember the old political adage - she may be an s.o.b. but she's OUR s.o.b. and quit trying to eat our own, so to speak! I think that is the best argument for why Michael Steele has to go as head of the RNC. We need Republicans with some "stones" instead of the kind that have masqueraded as Republicans.

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