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December 20, 2010


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If only we could find people to elect who were not politicians.

Shhh! It could be Mitt!

Why are all these fools trying to push this clown on America again?

He must be about as popular as the black plague was in Europe!

Reminds me of the POW bracelet thing a couple of years back.

His lookalike Mike Pence is another darling of the GOP establishment! They don't learn. They need to be whacked on the head with my cast iron frying pan to get the message that we want SARAH or someone like her - not same old, same old. OR Mitt Romney Lite or John McCain Lite or whatever in hell they have in mind! Maybe I'll send my beloved Rusty after the GOP bigwigs! He can chirp an indelible message on their ankles!

What was that Gallagher line? "Oh, good. His @!(# works. Got tired of #^((ing her and wants to start on us."

The atrocity Romney foisted on Massachusetts ought to yell you all you need to know about this RINO. Family pictures notwithstanding.

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