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December 07, 2010


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I learned a long time ago... no matter what we think is happening in a marriage we never know when looking from the outside in. I didn't like that she stuck with that weasle husband of hers while he ran for President - even though she knew what he was up to.

OTOH we have no idea why she did the things she did and we never will. In the end she didn't have a very happy life and that is sad. She had looks, brains, and money... it wasn't enough.

I really don't see a comparison between her and Sarah Palin at all. Sarah is such a straight shooter. I could never see her putting up with deception from her husband of all people. From what I've seen of her, she would be more likely to walk out with her head held high and go her own way. For whatever reason Elizabeth did just the opposite.

It's just sad.

This is a brave post. I can just hear the howls: "You compared THAT WOMAN with Elizabeth!? How dare you?"

But I like it. :-) And R.I.P., Elizabeth.

Nothing in life is as crippling as the things we do to ourselves.

Intelligence is wonderful and talent is an invaluable asset.

But unless these are combined with intellectual honesty, integrity, and what my grandparent's generation might have called character, then that person's life will be filled with unnecessary hardships and avoidable tragedies.

None of us is the product of our environment. We are the product of the choices we make. We make our choices, and our choices make us.

Well, what do you know... Turns out that Elizabeth Edwards was a bitch who belittled and humiliated her husband, and drove him into the arms of a political groupie.

Shame on you. It's not the time for negative comments about Elizabeth Edwards, even if you disguise your dislike for her by quoting others. Be decent: De mortuis nihil nisi bonum.

I agree with Teresa: I see Palin reacting to hypothetical Todd infidelity much more like Jenny Sanford than like either Elizabeth Edwards or Hillary Clinton.

1. Confront him.
2. Get marriage counseling.
3. Try to make it work if he stops affair.
4. When he doesn't, leave the marriage knowing you did all you could for reconciliation while retaining your own self-respect.

That being said, Sarah certainly doesn't diss Todd; she talks him up at every opportunity. With occasional husband/wife aggravation jokes that everyone can relate to.

Plain truth will out, regardless of any de mortuis nihil nisi bonum crap. All of us - all of us Marian - are a mixture of good and bad traits. Elizabeth Edwards was no different. What was different about her was her courage and strength in fighting an horrendous disease. I have a co-worker who is engaged in a similar battle and I have observed up close how much is required to continue the fight. I had another close friend who essentially committed suicide after the death of her son. The fact that Elizabeth Edwards eventually pulled out of her own tailspin is a testament to the steel in her spine.

And quite honestly, her treatment of the faithless cracker to whom she was married, is far less than I would have dealt his sorry butt!

It's tragic that someone as booksmart as Elizabeth, in an era of total liberation for women, devoted her life to promoting an adulterous charlatan like John Edwards, and came within a few votes in the 2008 Iowa primary of succeeding in making him the most powerful person in the world.

John was pretty absorbed in Channeling Weekly for reading material.

@some guy - like I said above - no matter what you hear in the media, we have no idea what was going on in their marriage. None at all.

One day you may be in a situation where people rush to judgment on you based on what they hear without knowing the background facts. At that point you might remember your comment about Elizabeth Edwards. She might well deserve criticism (don't we all) or she might not. We don't know - no matter who claims to have "all the facts".

Marriage is like a deck of cards: When you are young you think all you need is two hearts and a diamond. After a few years you need the occasional resort to a club, and perhaps yearn for a spade.

I think Tod P is hotter than J. Edwards. But then I am a lawyer.

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