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December 10, 2010


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And a Merry Christmas to all and the freedom to express our beliefs.

And Merry Christmas to all: goomp, Sissy, Tuck, Tiny, and Purrkey!

From us folk in Fredericksburg, Virginia where we wish everyone a Merry Christmas from Gayle, Rusty and Buddy!

And just yesterday, I hear that a small town near my even smaller town, has decided to get rid of some sort of Christmas thing at public schools so as to avoid offending some beliefs.

And this in crimson Tennessee.


Notably, two other things we hear about those schools: 1)Gangs. 2)Budget strife as the Schoolboard tried to push the County Board into spending more cash. 93 or97% of what they asked for was not enough. They wanted it all, and threatened to close schools.

In other words, an Axis of Stupidity.

I love your first post and picture. Chelsea by the Sea is beautiful. Hope you and Tuck are getting ready for a wonderful Christmas indeed.

Nine years! How time flies when we're having fun. A very Happy Blogoversary to you Sissy. May you have many many more.

it's strange how much politics people may found in such an innocent and kind holiday as Christmas!

Beautiful picture, and a very Merry Christmas to you and Tuck and Magnificent Christian Feline (Mriaow!)

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