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November 29, 2010


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The only reason Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, and Pawlenty still show well in the polls is because they are only polling Republican voters. As we know, most conservatives have fled the GOP since 2006 so the smaller the party gets, the richer it is with "party over principles" nose-holding "Republican uber alles" voters.

If you were to poll conservatives, I really doubt Rommey and Huckabee would should well at all and Pawlenty only looks conservative because he is a Republican in a blue state.

At some point, Sarah is going to have to recant her statement last week in her Hannity interview that she is running so long as the GOP leadership does not consider her to be a divisive distraction. If she wants it, she needs to go for it on her own terms. So far, she is signaling that she will accept the judgment of the Karl Rove Republicans as to whether or not she runs.

Hoping all had a GREAT THANKGIVING!

Wishing all the very best.

Well, again, I have to try to express my differing view, to help a friend. I do admit to being potentially wrong. I do appreciate the devotion and the passion.

However, I remember well, when the hubris had grown to suggest Mrs. Palin was the sole source which debased Obamacare. It was as sign we are growing overboard.

We see the same overt play almost daily in regards to the Palin Franchise. I have to honestly say, just like the Fred Head fantasy, many placed all their ideals on an individual, dreaming and inflating a bubble about a Politician. It was a painful, but predictable let down for many of my friends and associates. I still offer as much caution as I can, probably because I don't want to see the let down.

Conservatism is all about seeing the reality, the humanity in all. I strongly disagree with Pasadena Phil. Only fools have run away from working within the GOP to empower the Conservative cause. The fashion has grown a very UN-Conservative obsession with a delusional anti-GOP mindset. It has ruined the credibility of many. Just like the US Government, we the PEOPLE make the Party. And those who play "populism" - class warfare against the GOP, to debase and divide for their own gain are simply lost. Mrs. Palin's resorting to the ugly "blue bloods" was a true regret. No serious Leader would ever offer such Public ugliness. The lessons of the Miller flop, the O'Donnell fiasco, the Angle weakness, etc., should not be ignored by many embracing a fashion. And I am someone who is all for encouraging more sound Conservative Candidates. But the substance is essential, and some are missing the facts. Pawlenty is indeed a Conservative. Center Right may not be the level of Conservatism Phil seeks, but that does not allow one to alter reality.

We have seen this denial long before, in the Reform, Minute Men, etc., offerings. I remember all too well, how the fashionable turned their back on the GIPPER during his Second Term, and we all lost in the long run.

The reality is, Mrs. Palin is a politician, a good one with Our Base, but not so grand outside it. She often expresses things like "I will only run if I am needed" as the typical ploy to all - just as she indicated she won't run if she is a "distraction". It is similar to the weak hiding behind Ronald Reagan's acting career to make excuses for a "reality tv show". These are signs of a very typical Political gamer - not the genuine honest offering from great leaders like GW or RR. Mr. Rove's constructive criticism was very sound, so are many of the questions being offered. Mrs. Palin could grow, but Mrs. Charen is quite right, she has turned down a path that is far from serious or building.

Perhaps the biggest symbol of the facade, (not personally) but politically, is the reality Mrs. Palin joined - embraced the disastrous Maverick Ticket, which was one of the most LIBERAL offerings in the history of the GOP. This Maverick Platform not only advocated for Cap and Trade Taxation, undermined-opposed many of the best offerings the Republicans provided in fighting the GWOT, it also opposed the Bush Tax Cuts. Mrs. Palin was a primary player in this failure.

In fact, having studied the Palin Record, being a fan - introduced long ago by the Anchoress when Mrs. Palin was a new Gov. in Alaska, I am still having a hard time finding a Sarah reference to the GIPPER - before the transformation to play the 'super' conservative. Sarah Palin was an attraction for Mr. McCain, not only for her image appeal, but because her true origins as a politician was in the moderate reformer - Maverick mold.

The problem is the Image-Identity game, which is a product of fashion. Just as I strongly warned about the disastrous offering of the Maverick, my instincts try to encourage a more objective view of the Celebrity. The desire to defend one of Our Own is admirable in the face of the ugly Democratic Partisans. But it doesn't mean we should not be dishonest with ourselves. Certainly for Conservative Women, there is a wonderful joy to see such a fine Celebrity - a truly nice American Female in the National Spotlight. I like Mrs. Palin and her Family personally. However, I urge more "feet on the ground", when contemplating this overt, irrational Celebrity Hype.

A prime example of this overt inflating, not matching reality, was Mr. Miller having been revealed as abusing a governmental job - having taken governmental aid. And a number of my own formerly favorite Pundits gave away their credibility on this one, offering the most juvenile anti-GOP garbage, all in the name of a very weak offering - turning 70% ACU Rated Republican Senator into the enemy, with some of the ugliest slander. It was terrible politics, and devoid of genuine reason-intelligence.

In fact, in the wake of the fashion in Delaware, many like LEVIN, went out of their way to slander other Conservative Pundits. It was a sign of utter insanity. And now we have another example today, a lesson for those once pushing this fashionable nonsense, seeing Ms. O'Donnell foolishly plugging for Hillary Clinton on ABC. How misguided they were:

“O’Donnell">http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/11/30/christine-odonnell-envisions-possible-hillary-clinton-sarah-pal/">“O’Donnell does like Hillary and took to her Twitter account to praise her handling of the WikiLeaks document dump. “You go girl,” O’Donnell tweeted.”

Real friends do not remain silent about these things. A true friend, (even if they are mistaken) tries to offer their best effort for those they care about.

Now, Mrs. O’Donnell is on track to be exploited by Democrats for a long time (encouraged by the Palin endorsement), and she seems eager to play the game. This is truly misguided. Remember all those who vilified the GOP over this? Remember the ugly slander of other fine Conservatives, by those who thought they were so brilliant, stuck on a supreme 'purist' fantasy?

Ms. O'Donnell is telling ABC, Hillary handled this fiasco well?

Oh my…

Does Ms. O’Donnell really think she can play the Democrats for a future career?

This is a disaster. And it also mimics some of the folly of Our Own, who still mistakenly view the Clintons as more moderate than the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc.

Does Mrs. O'Donnell realize Hillary Clinton once tried to Nationalize US Health Care? Or hugged Nancy when Obamacare passed?

I suppose I offer tough love. Certainly some will hate me for it. Few will agree. But I offer it again with the best intent. I know I had the same response to the nutty, irrational, emotive, reactionary folly which grew after 2004, treating GW as a 'traitor'.

We must do better.
Thank you.

Here is a fix to the mistake in the link above:

"O’Donnell does like Hillary and took to her Twitter account to praise her handling of the WikiLeaks document dump. “You go girl,” O’Donnell tweeted."

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