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November 30, 2010


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the gop elites like the democrats are afraid that someone might give the american people back their right to the fruits of their labor. imagine someone thinking that what you work for belongs to you and not the political class.

Amen Tommy and Sissy. Remember Ahnold calling his opponents "girly-men"? It offended me then and it would offend me now. I'm a woman and I like to think a fairly formidable one at that. Blunt to my core, un-diplomatic and non-p.c. as well.

I have nothing but contempt for the current GOP establishment types. They are all weaklings and wimps and only interested in their own self-aggrandizement.

So Mitt - how did that freaking health care boondoggle in Massachusetts work out for the taxpayers there?

My Rusty is more of a man than Romney! And he has no cojones!

Over the 2010 election cycle (esp. the rise of the Tea Parties) I said the following many times to many people:

"Why is it that, in the GOP, only the women appear to have any b*lls?"

And nobody -- not one single person -- disagreed. Think about it: Palin. Nikki Haley. Marsha Blackburn. Michelle Bachmann. Jan Brewer. Renee Ellmers. Even Christine O'Donnell.

And on the non-distaff side, we have...Mitch McConnell. John Boehner.


BobinFL: Not to despair. Think Allen West, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson for starters. The stouthearted men are marching right beside the Mama Grizzlies to recapture the hill and reignite the lights of the Shining City.

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