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November 02, 2010


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Let us hope the people will rise to save "our shining city"

Amen goomp. From your mouth to You-Know-Who's ear!

I voted at 6:15 a.m. with great enthusiasm - or at least as much as I could muster at that early hour. Wish I could vote in Nevada, California and the State of Washington. I'd also vote in Delaware if I could. But then - Virginia is my only choice!

Buddy and Rusty send their love to their "cousins" Purrrkey and Tiny and that handsome devil Earl Grey. They are guarding the homestead in Virginia and keeping a close eye on the birds in the yard! They are also busy recovering from Halloween night when Buddy was the star of the evening. He must have encouraged at least 25 children to pet him. He's such a distant, standoffish creature!

Lovely picture of Tiny. Just watching the returns, hoping for more good news.

You'll be happy to know your niece got out and cast her ballot for Murray(R) in VA-8 this morning. Not the most exciting race in the country, but we can cross our fingers every vote will count and earn him the victory!

Sadly it's looking like Frank has pulled it out. I always hold out more hope for my neighbors, and saving Scott Brown, I've always been disappointed. Crikey - I know people who lost their jobs because of Frank and I'm pretty sure they voted for him today. What's wrong with this picture?


Grrrr over Frank's salvage job. Pretty discovering results in my backyard, roo, but we have to rejoice over the House and conaervative progress elsewhere.

Disappointing results too.
(fat fingers, predictive text, touchscreen iPhone...).

I put up Bielat lawn sign and I don't even live in MA-04. lol It got attention; the good kind.


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