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November 21, 2010


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It is a sad state of affairs but with the help of the principles on which this country was founded combined with the true spirit exhibited by those who rally to the Tea Party ideals, we may yet survive as the freest and greatest nation that mankind has yet produced.

This is the Great Divide in America opening up yet again.... it was there before the Founding, brought our first government to task so that the Framing could be made, and then has fought back against the encroachment of politics over liberty ever since. When the people see the institutions as the problem, then it is the institutions that must change or go... not the people who must change to the institutions. Now this hard truth that governments are created amongst men who are free to change or abolish them comes forth yet again as fresh as the day it was conceived.

Gramscian hegemony, along with much of the Marxist and post-Marxist school of thought, is crumbling given its hopelessly unadaptable structuralist orientation which has been shown meaningless in real world experience.

Of course, the same naive structural idealism has likewise been at work within classical systems of capitalism, showing everything from Adam Smith's invisible hand to the highly refined models of finance, micro and macroeconomics to be a structuralist illusion.

Instead, decentered, non-hierarchical models already resonant within both the tea party and radical left organizations (as spoken to in The Coming Insurrection) are finding scientific, theoretical and real-world legitimacy. Assemblage theory, multitude and other post-structural models of thought are being validated by movements of individuals with resonant like interests who are arising against the collusion of big government, big union and big business.

Mmmmmm. Pretty bottoms. Let me help get that sand off. lol.

The conservatives are pretty stupid too

How the Drug War Spawned the TSA:


They are both looking for contraband and you looked the other way when they did it to dopers. Well friends and neighbors. We are all dopers now.

Precedent on how to deal with contraband has been set. It is now going to be applied to everyone.

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