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November 24, 2010


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Bristol was deliciously delightful and gracious in defeat and a thorough-going credit to her family and her good upbringing.

Jennifer Grey even being on the show was a travesty and over the weeks I became more and more done with Jennifer's whining about her pain - everyone was experiencing pain, you entitled twit!

I also was thoroughly over all the crocodile tears about Patrick Swayze because it was well known that they detested each other whilst filming Dirty Dancing and never did I hear that those feelings changed! So was she using his death to make herself look better? I'm cynical enough to answer "yes"!

Love to Sissy, Tuck, Tiny, goomp, Purrkey and the rest of the family and best wishes for a most enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Thank you for your wonderful comments and wishes, and Happy Thanksgiving back at you and your fine furry and unfurry friends ...


Sadly I never managed to get to the television to watch DWTS. I've been so freaking busy it just wasn't possible. It sounds like Bristol gave it her best effort and was graceful to the end.

Gayle - I had no idea that Jennifer and Patrick hated each other. I have to say I'm one of the few women I know who actually detests that movie. LOL. Interesting tidbit though. ;-)

Sissy - a very Happy Thanksgiving to you Tuck, Goomp, the kitties, and the rest of the family. Hope you have a lovely day!

I stopped by, returning from overseas, to wish a great friend a Happy Thanksgiving.

Wishing all, especially the mighty SISSY, the very warmest and best.

I wasn't surprised to see the numerous pro-Palin posts, but I have to disagree with so much. It reminds one of when the fan fare suggest Sarah Palin "alone" debased the Democratic Party's 'Obamacare'.

To suggest only "real men" like Sarah Palin is truly absurd. It is the kind of stuff which is so overt, so lost in a fashionable embrace, so desperate to defend Sarah - it goes overboard, and isn't attractive.

Sarah Palin is not the symbol of all of us conservatives. She is a fine American, made into a Celebrity Icon by many. She is human, all too human, as revealed by the last disastrous McCain-Palin ticket, the recent fiasco in Delaware, or even the flop in Alaska with Miller.

Sure, it is nice to see Our side rally the wagons in support for the Palin Franchise once again, in the recent case of the "North Korean" slip. But, the hype is so overt, it is clouding reality. Far from conservative, stuck on a "cult of personality and celebrity" – destined to be a loser.

Certainly, this is where many embracing the fashion, will not like my differing opinion.

Our natural desire to support the good side, is worthy, but we tend to defend the embarrassing. Later we end up with poor candidates and efforts, because we are so stuck on defending the weakness. Unfortunately the other side defends and supports disastrous policy and ugly candidates endlessly – sinking us all. It is far worse, but all the lack of honesty, ends up hurting the offering for the Nation. We should be more mature, we should know better than to play this game.

There are glaring warning signs the 'hype' is far from reality. Those ugly emails from the Palin Franchise during the Alaskan Primary revealed an ugly personal vendetta - far from serious Conservative principles and politics.

The concerns are only growing, as the attention reveals more cracks in the hyped facade. For example, a real secure Conservative should be able to be honest about having a "reality tv" show, and be able to call it a "reality tv" show. They should be able to respond to the criticism about the offering on the merits, and not turn to attack the constructive criticism from the likes of Mr. Rove. Nor do they need to make excuses and hide behind the decision by referencing the late - great Ronald Reagan's early acting career. They should be able to stand on their own two feet.

This mimics a pattern for Mrs. Palin, like her responses to defend herself on a number of aspects these days. She is consistently trying to use a debasing technique to hide weakness – this is never good politics. For example, Mrs. Palin’s recent use of ‘blue bloods’ to rebuke the elderly Mrs. Bush is simply an ugly form of cheap populism. Rush used to use this pathetic term a short time ago. It is not Conservatism. Class warfare is simply misguided in any form – and is not the American way. Quite a few Bloggers have lost all credibility playing this game, and it is sad to see Mrs. Palin resort to this form of sophistry. No serious leader, should be using the term "blue blood". Ronald Reagan, GW Bush, etc., were classy and inspired to rise above - not take us down, dividing to hide their own flaws. That is the Clinton way, a truly despicable offering which we should never embrace.

We don’t want cheap cover tactics in Our Candidates. Jindal, Brewer, Christie, Barbour, etc., don’t need to remind everyone Obama thought we had 57 States. They stand on their own, not needing a weak excuse 'dependency'.

Studying Sarah Palin's record, it is clear she grew as a Moderate Reformer in the Maverick mold. She provided populist tax increases on Oil Companies, grew the bureaucracy with 'Climate Panel' building, etc. During the Oil spill, Sarah's only response was the "hold the Oil Companies accountable" - directly mimicking the horrid Obama. In a recent interview with Mr. Baier, Mrs. Palin only mentioned freezing spending and hiring when asked "where do you cut".

During that disastrous McCain-Palin Campaign effort, Sarah seemed to be completely unaware of what the “Bush Doctrine” was at such an important time. It really was a disaster for Our side. The entire display only advertised the ugly stereotypes the Democrats use to debase their opposition - like we watched with their attempt to Nationalize the terrible O'Donnell offering in Delaware.

This made it nearly impossible to attract all to Our good side. We cannot do this again. We cannot live in a bubble of fashion, ignoring all the facts, reason, reality, etc., pushing a terribly blind - naive - weak offering. We will only continue to enable the opposite, the nightmare of the Democratic Party.

Sarah Palin is a fine American, but the evidence is growing, the hype "protests too much" already. Mrs. Palin is not the 'dream' we would love to imagine. Conservatism is strong for it follows the facts, and keeps one's feet firmly on the ground.

I write this offering with the best intent. Just like the push for McCain was a complete loser, just as the Fred Head bubble was a fantasy, just as Delaware was an irrational mistake, so too is much of the Palin hoopla these days. After 2004, many sideline Conservative Pundits followed a delusional, reactionary, emotive fashion which was driven over fears regarding the tough Battle in Iraq. They foolishly debased Our best interests in Washington, losing their cool over all. The lost sight of reality, failed to maintain perspective, grew juvenile in nature. It all helped enable the very worst in Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, etc.

We have to do better.

I hope to inspire, challenge, encourage, those I care about. I hope they will at least take a moment to reflect upon some of it.

Old Fan - not quite sure where to start with the lengthy post you've written. So I'll stick with this.

Reading your reference to Ronald Reagan it's clear to me that you don't remember the incredible derision when he was running for President - before he finally won the nomination and was then elected.

Oh the laughter - how could we possibly elect anyone who had been the sidekick of a monkey named Bonzo? Yada, Yada, Yada.

Nothing has changed in that regard except that Sarah Palin's entire family - especially her children - have been dragged into the media spotlight and pilloried endlessly. This was never done to any other person running for President - at least in modern times. The tarring and feathering seems to have had the desired effect on you.

That she has countered with incredible wit and nonchalance has been quite the show to watch. It also tells us so much about her grace under fire and her ability to keep a steady course regardless of the slings and arrows.

I truly admire her handling of the horrendous attacks. Including having a reporter move in next door to her to spy on the family while writing a book! I know I couldn't do it.

Of course no other politician has EVER had the slip of the tongue. Not.Ever. Only Sarah. Everyone in all 57 states are talking about it. Heh.

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