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November 19, 2010


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Judging by their faces, if I were a single guy, and I saw Brandi and Bristol in a quiet bar (cause I never could understand the point to a loud bar), I'd expect, if I tried to pick them up separately, to get slammed moderately brutally by Brandi, and Bristol would at least try to let me down gently, or even give me a quarter of a chance.

Brandi looks more mean. Doesn't mean she is, but looks do matter. And of all the three remaining females, she's got the hardest looks. Kyle's dance partner (the blonde) has the most approachable look...like she'd probably say no, but she'd make it a joke with you.

Gotta love the lamestream media. They feed into the very thing they hate.

The MSM could be useful yet.

"We the People" are learning to make our voices heard much to the dismay of the elites.

The single most valuable attribute of the Palin family in general is their ability to tempt the leftoids into revealing what noxious, vicious, cruel, hateful a*holes they are under all the niceynice jabber.


I never watch that kind of garbage, but I hope Bristol wins, just for the sheer pleasure of thinking about how many leftists heads will explode. I genuinely hope some of these people have heart attacks over it. That might sound wrong, but anybody that gets that bent out of shape over a dance floor deserves what happens to them.

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