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November 20, 2010


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I think I've figured it out. I think she sees Sarah as a threat to Jeb's step up to the White House. It is his turn, you know.

Am I on to something here? Think that might explain it? There seems to be a concerted effort lately to rehabilitate the Bush legacy.


You may be on to something, but Jeb Bush was on CNN the other day and said he'd endorse Sarah for POTUS.

I think the Bushies are hoping for their boy Mitch Daniels or possibly that idiot Romney. Two of the biggest losers out there.

I have a great deal of respect for President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush, BUT I do remember when GHWB was running for the Republican nomination against Reagan and was similarly condescending to both of the Reagans. "Voodoo economics" was the descriptor that GHWB used to characterize Reagan's economic policies. There was no love lost between Mrs. Bush and Nancy Reagan at the time, and afterwards during Reagan's presidency.

Sarah Palin was right that the Republican party "establishment," of which the Bushes are a part, viewed Reagan as someone who was not their intellectual/social equal, but who had the charisma to be elected. Bush's presidency was disastrous and one of the signs I saw at the time he ran against Clinton was "I'm rich and you're not."

I think GW Bush did a good job of protecting the country and I appreciate his desire as a former President to maintain the dignity of the office as he has been doing recently. HOWEVER, the Bushes, as a family ARE the Republican establishment in every sense. Neither GHWB nor GWB are fiscally conservative, nor, in actual fact, particularly conservative on many social issues. They are "elites", though dissimilar from the Democrat "elite" in policy and in hubris.

Sarah Palin is "country class" and the Bush family really does NOT understand her or her appeal because she hasn't followed "standard procedure" and is probably too reminiscent of "that actor" Ronald Reagan.

I have to thank the former first Lady for making Palin the anti-bush candidate. thank you thank you thank you.

Why am I not surprised? The Bushes are part of the ruling class. They are the aristocracy and Palin is the commoner. The aristocracy is much more aligned with the Progressive movement that the Tea Party. They would be the ones who defend the British and the ones who just know what's best.

I will suggest a line for Sarah. "Read my hips."

How classy -- teling the octogenarian wife of a decorated military hero to "shut up" because she dares to suggest that she thinks someone other than your preferred candidate should be the GOP nominee in 2012. Is that the sort of behavior that would make your mama proud?


Here is what the collapse of the Country has shown, that there are two sets of people in this Country the Political Class and the Country Class and the Political Class has been shown to be ignorant, classless individuals and oh, can WE put to rest once and for all the LIE of Reagans 11th Commandment? because the only time that is whipped out is when the Country Class is calling out the Political Class!

Mrs. Bush still hasn't learned how to gracefully 'bow out' of the limelight...like her husband (who failed to carry on with President Regan's legacy), apparently she didn't learn anything from former First Lady Nancy Regan...i'm beginning to see who 'the puppet master' is for all the establishment repubiks who have been degrading the teaparty 'candidates and sarah palin'...bad call, you two...now, like the liberal democrats, the establishment republicans will start to see the end of their reign slowly, but surely come to an end!!! you will not choose for us!!!

The Bush family are party loyalists and realize that Palin is splitting the party into multiple factions (the Perot factor). They realize the need to put the party back together before 2012 and to bring loyalty back to the party rather than to individuals. Go, Barbara!!!

I like Mrs. Bush because she says what she thinks even if the party doesn't like it. Always has. That is what everyone needs to do. She didn't spew hateful words, she just spoke her opinion. I agree with her. Sarah Palin keeps saying she is just like us. Well I want a president who is more intelligent than I am not one is on my intellectual level. I should not run this country and neither should Mrs. Palin.

Since when was Barbara Bush "classy"? She has always talked, acted and looked like GHW Bush's domineering stage mother. In the Larry King interview, she talks as if she is the queen of England. Her condescension couldn't have been worse even if she had said "I love Sarah but she just doesn't come from good stock".

Have we forgotten that the Bush/Prescott/Walker clan is not a Texas power but a New England power in the worst sense of the term? They don't mean to be condescending, but they see us as ingrates if we don't relent to their control.

Sharon. That is an appalling attitude for an American. These people are not superior to us on any level except that they have more money and have entrenched themselves in the power system. Do you also see black people are inferior to whites? Who decides?

We've had enough of elitist government by Northeast ivy league intellectuals. Let's try government by common sense with the accent on "common".

WillieG-It's called politics for a reason. Of course GHWB isn't going to say he wouldn't vote for Sarah if she got the nomination, that wouldn't be good form. You can't take everything any politician says at face value, and that is especially true for an establishment type like Bush.

Rhymeswithright-I'm having a hard time here discerning who it was who told Babs to "shut up" before you came alone, but strangely none of us who came before you here seems to have uttered that line.

Let me make up for that little oversight-Babs, shut the hell up.

Sharon-I think I get where you're coming from. After all, the educated elites have certainly done a great job of leading this country and all of us unqualified rubes, haven't they?

Oh, wait a minute, no I'm sorry, come to find out they haven't done worth a crap, so I guess that makes your comment a massive fail.

By the way, just for future reference, our elected leaders are supposed to be public servants. We the people "run" things, and they are supposed to represent us, not lord it over us.

Actually, its even more accurate to say that the constitution is supposed to "run" things, and even we the people are limited by it. But, as they say, baby steps.

Being a 12 year beneficiary of a political dynasty in Washington, Barbara Bush does not recognize, or appreciate a government of the people, by the people and for the people ... which is exactly what Sarah Palin and the tea party represents.

Sharon, sweetie, by the standard you set, just about anyone could be president.

Sarah got that pipeline built that the Republican Governor was dragging out. Why, because the previous governor was milking the thing for the graft, steering contracts, doing favors.

Sarah comes in and pushes the "money changers out of the govt. Of course she has enemies on both sides.

Follow the money: Who was it that corrupted the AK GOP, and who was it that most visibly set about cleaning it up, and where does the Bush money come from?

The answers are big oil, Sarah Palin, and big oil, respectively. The country class vs ruling class lens is a good one to understand what's going on in GOP-side Palin Derangement Syndrome, but the fact that Mrs. Palin would break some rice bowls is another dimension that cannot be ignored.

Ms. Bush's comments were tacky and they practically screamed "get her out of jeb's way". That is unfortunate because Jeb is not electable, not after Terri Shiavo. She must know that. Her insult to Palin is common and cruder. I expected better from her. My bad. She is tasteless and classless.

What's that sound, Steve?

The sound of rice bowls breaking.

And Lara, its true that Terri Schiavo is a problem for the Libertarians, but not so much for Jeb. Jeb's problem is that even if he were a hardcore all the True Conservative such that he favored ending Abortion immediately, and selling the HQ of the Dept. of Education to developers, he's still a Bush. I still would be less enthusiastic, or kinda squiggly about him.

Bush Sr. was a moderate, and did poorly. W I liked, if largely for his love of country and his defense of the nation. But two Bushes are enough.

I don't want to see another Bush running for a minimum of fifty years. We're not an aristocracy.

The last thing this country needs is another four years of government by a charismatic lightweight with next to no experience.

".....We predict that over time, as the authentic Palin "brand" becomes better known amongst our fellow Americans, her "numbers" will rise. Presidential candidate or kingmaker, time will tell....."

Check out the Sunday NYTimes article, especially the timeline bio on the NYT website. It's an honest resume of her life and accomplishments, including her previous electoral campaigns. Now liberals can learn from their own bible what the rest of us know.

I think the article itself is fair, but the timeline is gold. The only thing better would be Obama's timeline on the same page, for a direct comparison.

I would want to see Palin as President if for no other reason than to see all the liberal's heads exploding. If she won it would be a sight to behold, and the American people as a whole could see with all certainty just what kind of people make up the American Left. I'm literally afraid though that there might be violence on a massive scale. We could get lucky and there would be mass suicides of leftists.

All you Palin haters should realize, if Sarah were elected it would set the Left back fifty years or more. If Jeb or most other establishment Republicans were elected, it would be better than another four years of Obama, but that's about all you can say about it. Otherwise, same ol', same ol'. All it would accomplish would the Left would quickly regroup and counter-attack. A Palin victory would leave them completely demoralized.

LOL! The real truth is Mama Bush has spoken for the GOP Machine and many American's who are so sick of Sarah Palins rant and raving-As usual making ZERO sense.

Sarah Palin Rocks ( Period )

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