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October 16, 2010


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Fabulous picture of the Earl with Tiny behind in the shadows. You are right about where people get the ideas with which to make their judgments. If nothing but garbage comes in, poor choices will be made. Given the true facts, most of us can make proper choices.

I resent the fact that PBS is a taxpayer supported operation, bunch of commies.

No doubt Oprah already owns the film rights to this event and plans on making a movie. She rarely does anything for free. All of her "give-aways" are nothing but self promotion/advertising. $250k to her is like one of us picking up the tab at our local Burger King.

The truth would kill Arianna. Her reliance and absolute allegiance to the left's lie's are like a drug addiction. She will not give up her biases until it kills her.

Maybe PBS was tipped off that the Orkin man might show up at Stewart/Colbert rally, and didn't want its reporters trampled to death in the panic stampede.

do they actually believe this is going to make anyone think they are not biased?

Earl Grey has the purr-fect name for a Tea Party cat! (Good to see that he and Tiny are still an item.)

God bless Earl and Tiny and their lovely romance! The picture, Sissy, is outstanding.

As to the fate of the so-called "legacy" media? They chose their demise with malice aforethought and deserve whatever they get!

Buh bye you pinheads!

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