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October 30, 2010


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"I'm so excited I could pee".

I see that young Kinsey has all the finesse of a 7 year old school girl and a vocab to match. Gives one pause when evaluating her proclamations. The assumption is that her critical thinking skills have evolved to a similar level.

Like Meghan McCain, her lips are moving but all I can hear is "Hey, look at me. LOOK AT ME!!!"

As Americans did in throwing off the yoke of British oppression two and one half centuries ago, it is now time for us to throw off the liberal left which desires to control us with a government mandated by their ideas and not by allowing us freedom of choice

You bitches are jealous. What the fuck does this even mean?

Is that you, Joy?

Kinsey is not a regular on RedEye. I am a religious watcher of the show and last night was the first time I saw her on there. There are plenty of better guests who function as both eye candy and brain candy. She only provided the former.

Political pundits are deathly afraid of Sarah Palin being exposed as a regular person. They call her a quitter, when the reality is she didn't want to subject her state to the continuous frivolous lawsuits that the left kept saddling her with. They call her an opportunist for writing a book. The truth is that she has a background in journalism and her life story in Going Rogue was extremely compelling. I have a feeling that she will have the last laugh in the end.

HA HA! Thanks for posting!!

Common Cents

This was Kinsey's 4th or 5th time on Red Eye since April so I think it's safe to call her a regular. She's a friend of mine and I find this blog post far more offensive than the one rather tame comment she made about Sarah Palin last night. I'm a huge Palin fan and I wasn't offended at all. My understanding of the Constitution is that we're all entitled to an opinion regarding who we would or would not like to be POTUS.

All she said was that she "didn't necessarily want Sarah Palin" to be her president. Take umbrage with that if you will but it didn't warrant a catty and lengthy personal attack on a conservative political blog. Seriously, there isn't SOMETHING more important to discuss this close to the election?

Kinsey is also very bright, by the way and wholly undeserving of this "People"-esque hit piece masquerading as a political post.

I couldn't agree more. What is the requirement for our leaders...that they quickly recite Supreme Court cases or that they answer other questions that liberals are never even asked? ...Or do we want honest people with the right solutions? These people that pile on to the Palins' of our party are nothing more than naive sheep...hoping to stay cool by liberal standards. (How cool is that?)
It's time to stand firmly behind those who risk it all for a purpose greater than themselves. And...shame on the Karl Roves...you had your chance...and your failures put us where we are...in minority status.

Actually, I prefer politicians who would rather be in the great outdoors than in some stuffy old political office. I want people in political office that are comfortable in the real world but are willing to put up with some discomfort for a short time to do a distasteful but necessary job and then return to life under the conditions they created.

Just about anyone’s tweets can be cherry-picked to disparage the tweet-er. I think Rove is right about Palin and Kinsey is right to agree. The Reagan example doesn’t quite work—he already had a background in Hollywood---and if he didn’t have that to overcome, maybe Carter would have never been President. Palin is unelectable. I like her. I like her stance. But she has no more of a chance of overcoming her negative media image (albeit largely unfair) than does Newt Gingrich. Nothing wrong with making money, but a reality show is a cheap way to do so—I agree with Rove, it’s a poor choice. Palin also showed poor judgment endorsing O’Donnell and perhaps Miller. O’Donnell will potentially cost us the Senate. Too bad. So many moderates do not like Palin. I don’t see how we can dismiss Rove’s comments. Set the personal stuff aside. I want a conservative who can win. You have to think from the point of view of the apolitical person---who they would vote for. In a weird, counter-intuitive way—the gains by the right may make Obama harder to beat in 2012. Just look at Clinton’s re-election---thanks to Gingrich we finally had a balanced budget and welfare reform---but Clinton gets the whole of the credit for it to this day! We need someone with NO NEGATIVES (fair or unfair). Palin cannot overcome her negatives. Punditry not the presidency, PLEASE!

I can see the Shining City upon the Hill, the dense and dark forest between my porch and the City, and the ever constant star of Liberty above to guide the way.

We go together, those who look up to the constant star heading for the City.

Clearly there was significant research done here. This is a young woman that was on the cover of Entreprenuer Magazine at age 24 but is being mocked in this article for referring to herself as a "social media savant." I also saw on her website that she is currently in November's Fast Company Magazine as a social media influencer. The Steven Crowder tweet is obviously just her sense of humor. What was the relevance of that mention? I think it is unfortunate that you would attack a young woman for saying she "wasn't sure that she wanted Sarah Palin as her president." That is not even a remote slam at Palin. That is someone saying that they are looking at options. And good for her. You're just as bad as Joy Behar and all of the other scum that attack people out of sheer ignorance. This piece made no sense, which is probably why the great people at The Fox News network aren't breaking down your door for your opinion.

Kinsey Schofield is a joke. Before she made it onto Red Eye, she was featured on MTV's "Next" and E!'s "Party Monsters Cabo". She even made an attempt to become Paris Hilton's BFF on some other forgotten about reality show. This girl is a fame whore and that is pretty much all there is to her. The only reason she turned down Playboy is because she's a little too chunky. I give her a few months of starving herself and puking after every meal before she is confident enough to grace the pages of the famous gentleman's magazine. Trash is trash, there is no getting around it.

I agree with Ben. I find it hard to take anything seriously from a girl who's appeared on MTV and E! programming. I Googled the Paris Hilton thing, and was disgusted to find out that Ms. Schofield plastered posters all over Scottsdale attempting to get on that crap show. That's a little pathetic. She's a little pathetic. And so are Kruiser and Gutfield for having her on their shows. Eye candy? More like over-paid escort.

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