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October 03, 2010


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To change, one must have freedom. Change is not always for the better, but it does allow for the correction of mistakes. Let us hope our freedom is bringing us to a substantial change of better conduct from those whom we elect to manage our government. Manage our government, not try to govern us.

I found The Social Network to be a triumph of American capitalism. A guy armed with nothing but a laptop and an idea was able to launch something that is now valued at $25 billion. A kid who wasn't born into privilege was able to outdo others with a lot more means. Sure, every character is flawed and to varying degrees not likable, but in the end the person with the best idea can achieve things not possible anywhere but in America. This is a movie that is pretty inspiring in these tough times.

I've heard great things about this movie, but I would never go see a film about the inventor of, say, the refrigerator--despite its massive effect on the culture. Similarly, I just don't care about who founded Facebook.

I'll catch it on the plane at Thanksgiving...

PS excellent point, nohammer.

I didn't know 'disputatious' was a word. Thanks.

Re "primi inter pares" -- I know Glenn posts an awful lot, but is he really more than one person?

Social networks are a useful tool. I admire you enormously, Sissy, for using Facebook and Twitter to spread the good word! While people like me painstakingly write long essays that attempt to bring back one or two liberal friends a year (if that).

Keep up the good work, Sissy.

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