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October 18, 2010


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It is a tough battle. The pure of heart against the corrupt political estabishment. May freedom win.

The reasons why the Left is so terrified of Sarah are all contained in this post! Go Sarah. You may be the salvation of our Republic!

Ok, lets ease up here. McCain is no traditional conservative, but for Pete's sake he's no RINO. Let's reserve that term for egregious offenders like Specter, Chaffee, and Snowe.

As for the money, I do have to hand it to the left, because I do think they've got us out organized on the financial front. The Tea Party movements are where the energy is, but it does need to be properly funneled.

I've been personally involved in campaigns for some time now, and have learned to be quite hard-headed about them. Long story short, going with your heart is a sure-fire way to lose.

So sending money to O’Donnell and Bachman is a waste for the very reasons Veal says. From my experience he offers sound advice.

"Ok, lets ease up here. McCain is no traditional conservative, but for Pete's sake he's no RINO."

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I looked RINO up in the dictionary and found McCain's picture there. May I remind you what he said on illegal immigration in 2003? “I think we can set up a program where amnesty is extended to a certain number of people who are eligible." Now he's changed his tune. Sorry, not buying it based on past performance. No Amnesty, No Way.

McCain isn't a Rino???? HA HA HA HA! that one was funny and going with your heart is the way to lose? Oh yeah we've been losing so far huh. Who are you talking to, all that is just silly and wishful spouting. We all know what McCain is, just look at his daughter. You don't think she doesn't have his input before she goes on these shows and pretends to be a conservative, heck even a mushy mod do you. Oh you bet he has a say in it. As long as these next in line republicans that look down their snooty noses at us are still in there we will be giving our money to the people directly. If Mittens thinks he's "the one" he better start making a list of "honey dos" because we think he should spend some much needed time with his lovely wife, at home! Run Sarah Run! grrrrrr

Remember if it's not close, they can't cheat...

Sending money to O'Donnell may be spitting into the wind, but I enjoy the "up yours" aspect of it too much to hold back my tiny little donation. As to Bachmann, she is a cause well worth celebrating! Second only to the Mighty Sarah in effectiveness.

And hey, I was happy to send my few remaining sheckels to Sean Beilat's campaign in the hopes that the big poop Barney gets his silly ass retired!

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