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October 27, 2010


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I beg to differ. I have a graduate degree and I'm not stupid. It only makes those with the dumb gene dumb! For example, Joy Behar has a masters degree in education! Like how I've made my point?

Let us face it. those with graduate degrees have relatively high IQs. However, it is what you are able to understand and accomplish that counts. Having little experience in the real world of producing something of material value and little or no understanding of those who produce our affluent society, they are supremely unqualified to tell us how to operate our society.

I am a member of Mensa and at Mensa meetings you will meet more clueless idiots than anywhere else in this country! They are so brilliant in their fields that they think they are capable of handling everything - not! Most of them cannot even balance a checkbook. They figure if there are blank checks in the checkbook, they still have money.

Thank you for sharing this information. The information was very helpful and saved a lot of my time.

I don't know if graduate school makes you dumb, but it might be dumb to go to graduate school.

If the "100 Reasons NOT to Go to Graduate School" blog doesn't convince you, check out the essays by Thomas H. Benton in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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