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October 07, 2010


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Tea Parties are leading to the Great Awakening.

Anyone who has ever studied anything about our nation's political history would know that the checks and balances don't just apply to the three co-equal branches of the government but also to the balance between the Dems and the Republicans. I think for our society to be its usual vibrant self, we need to have both parties doing well. Whichever party controls the legislative branch should not be in power in the Executive. That kind of thing.

Or we could put Tiny and Buddy and Rusty in charge of everything. Cats do, after all, RULE!

Purrky wants to be included!

THANKS FOR POSTING THIS! I love your blog!!

Common Cents

Thanks for tweeting me courtesy of datechguy's request!

sorry, this is a little off topic...but I could use your help!


I will add your link to my site! I'm all for helping out other conservatives!


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