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October 08, 2010


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Well, as to her email, to a certain extent she's saying what any partisan says when they're down in the polls.

The bit about "Republicans political strategists and their rich, anonymous supporters" is a bit rich, though, coming in the wake of the Obama campaign.

The Progressives can only see mama and papa government printing and giving out money taken from someone else to those they want to have it. It's called theft when not referred to in a political meaning. Now that they are throwing in terms of "racist" and class warfare, its a matter of time before they get what they seek. No longer will we "Know your place and shut your face!" It war in the political arena, though we keep an distrustful eye on the Progressives because threats, marches and broken windows and arrest seem to follow them and their activities.


donna brazile should wake up. the tea party is the middle class.

Brazile drank the kool-aid when she admitted to stealing the lap blanket from Obama's chair at the Inauguration. She was bridling and blushing like a girl. She's a racist and can't get over the first AfAm President. I used to respect her.

Donna Brazile says the Tea Partiers will "stick it to the middle class".

They ARE the middle class, Brazile, you fool.

Where does "brilliant" come into this with Donna Brazille? What has she ever done to demonstrate any brilliance whatsoever? Or does my browser not display the sarcasm tag properly?

Down at the bottom of their request for links is this beauty -
Quick tip: Articles about Palin endorsing GOP candidates work just fine.

Donna Brazille is 'middle class' the same way Barack Obama is 'moderate'. Neither are part of the 'middle class' - the productive class - but card-carrying members of the Ruling Class.

The rich and powerful of both parties spend money to attack the powerful of the other party. For too long the Democrats got away with fooling the middle class into believing that it was only the Republicans who were the rich and powerful.

Brilliant and charismatic?

sarcasm, right?

I recommend you read this to understand what a lie 'the rich support republicans' meme is.

Which was gleaned from this article , which is a fairly comprehensive list of democrat methods for subverting our votes.

If you think about it, what Kos and company are doing makes sense.

Historically, the mainstream media served as liberal gatekeepers - keeping the "silent majority" unaware.

However, with the decline of that media, there's no one to do the job. This is hurting the left.

So, Kos steps up to do the job instead. Of course, it won't work, but they have to try.

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