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October 26, 2010


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Well said, another fine post.

I had to return to leave a note, before I leave for overseas very soon. I have been preparing and busy for sometime, but I still pay attention as a long devoted fan - friend.

One troubling aspect, which could be referenced as 'clueless', is some of our closest associates, who sometimes need sincere help.

Mr. Reihl might need some serious professional intervention.

If you haven't seen it, look no further than this bizarre attack here:
"First, he weirdly refers to Paul as our "resident lobbyist." Paul is a practicing lawyer and partner at the Akin Gump law firm concentrating in employment law. He is not now nor has he ever been a lobbyist. I have no idea what Riehl is talking about, and I don't think he does either."

Rove is now buying the Men at Powerline?

It is another warning sign, just like when Reihl took a tiny generic poll of people who work in Washington (less then 200 people) without any Party affiliation, and declared it PROOF the Republican Party "hates" the Tea Party. It was as delusional as something coming from Michael Moore.

Huckabee taxed and spend more than Bill Clinton over the same time period in ARK, he also wanted to give Illegal Immigrant Adults a free education paid for by taxpayers. His Pardons record was stunning, as if anyone, no matter who they killed, could walk free. During that Primary, he even undermined the most admirable aspects of the Republican Offering in fighting the GWOT. Huckabee is a 'con', playing the IMAGE - IDENTITY Movement today, just as he played the Maverick - semi light Democrat in the past. We see many PLAY the game of exploiting serious Conservatives by pushing an obvious narrative.

But this isn't even what is important. SISU has a great reputation, and that is threatened by an association. We all understand, wanting SISU to be read by all. But some associations are far from healthy.

The entire conspiracy addiction theme which portrays the GOP as some evil cabal is a sign of a rather delusional mindset. It is so over the top, it has little sign of reason. Rove is not a supreme PUPPET MASTER, and the references to the 'establishment' is often a sign of a strange angst, populism, fantasy.

Perhaps this all relates to some very poor decisions based on fashion. Fashion has rocked the once quite serious Conservative side. Image, Identity, etc., is dominate, and substance is clearly secondary. Conservatives used to be about reason, facts, basis, etc., and this devotee of WFB, sees plenty of problems in the new Emotive Authority Movement.

Mr. Reihl foolishly pushed a big fat lie, which slandered the lackluster Castle Record. His sophomoric claims about a vote for 'impeachment' reached a level of absurdity, it reminded one of the cheap nonsense coming from Joy Behar.

It simply isn't attractive, conservative, ethical, honest, etc. And to attack the authors of Powerline like this, just because they have different views, and frankly far more reasonable opinions about political races, is a sign of deep trouble.

Powerline embarrassed Mr. Reihl once, reminding all how they promoted Reihl early on. Mr. Reihl should take a step back, apologize, rethink, etc. Even a good Man gets it wrong. But perhaps there is a larger problem - a sign for a cry for help - professional help.

This is not good politics, especially for Our side. Conservatism isn't destructive and unstable. Nor does it follow a fashion, with irrational views of a Political Party like the GOP - which is much like Our own Government, shaped by Americans who are often trying their very best. All human beings are far from perfect, and of course, politicians are professional players. But this delusional offering is truly nonsense.

I have been reading SISU for years. I began long ago when the FREEPERS were the only thing around. I started reading Powerline not long after it was created. They are simply credible, honest, responsible, ethical, serious Conservative Americans working for the best of this Country. There is NOTHING reasoned about this garbage Mr. Reihl is pushing. Nothing.

My best wishes to SISU. Hoping all is well, and we win big very shortly in NOV. Sadly, I feel we could have been far more challenging to take the essential Majority in the Senate, but what can one say about the fashion?

With Jon Stewart, it's important to remember his favorite rhetorical device: Clown Nose On, Clown Nose Off. (yes, I stole it from Jim Treacher)

When it's convenient--like when he's losing an argument--the guy just wants to be a comedian. In situations where he can snag some lefty kool kid points, he'll make himself out to be some kind of serious political truth teller.

In reality, Stewart is just a sub-average devious lefty hack.

OLD FAN - Brooklyn - I miss you a lot. Get in touch please.

Jon Stewart is the north end of a south facing horse and everyone here at Sisu knows it. Unfortunately there are still some seriously dull people out there who actually will say - with full seriousness - that they only get their "news" from The Daily Show. If that doesn't scare the bejabbers out of you, nothing ever will! Tiny, brilliant angel that she is, knows it. Buddy and Rusty although very young (only 2 years of age) know it.

After this election is concluded and SEIU and their cohorts have failed to "adjust" the results to their liking, we need to continue to hold the feet of the likes of Scott Brown and Sean Beilat to the fire and make sure they are living up to their pre-election promises.

And we need to start organizing around a truly worthwhile and brilliant candidate for 2012 to send the Lefty flying back to sweet home Chicago!

"they only get their 'news' from The Daily Show."

This is roughly equivalent to only getting your toilet paper from The New York Times.

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