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October 13, 2010


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Sounds right to me. Check is in the mail for you to give where it helps the most.

Count me in. My own Congressman Rob Wittman is doing fine. His opponent is a 28-year old unknown named (I swear this is true) Krystal Ball - dear Lord deliver us. It would be funny if it weren't so deeply SAD! Photos of Krystal Ball in lingerie just surfaced and she says someone is trying to "ruin" her chances of winning. No dear girl - you never HAD any chance of winning!

I checked out the page. I have already donated to Sean's campaign, but I wanted to see that the Tea Party did the thing up the right way... yes they did.

Yay for the tea party for having an encrypted session set up and protecting donors and their information. Donors beware - this is not always the case. Some donation pages are not encrypted - run far and fast from those!

Everyone probably already knows this, but the Sean vs. Barney debate held at a radio station was filmed and can be viewed at breitbart.tv.

Sean is a solid conservative candidate. I hope he has raised enough dough to be competitive the last 3 weeks.

Retire Barney.

Just win, Sean.

I've donated to Barney Frank's campaign - he is a fine American. I don't care if he's gay - he votes just the way I like it - nice and liberal. The more welfare money that comes through Chelsea the better I do.

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