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October 20, 2010


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This will be a moot issue once the new Congress defunds NPR and PBS. Hey, I can dream, can't I?...

Lane - from your mouth to you-know-who's ear!

I am still convinced that Soros created the electronic economic meltdown of September '08, in order to hand the election to Obama. McCain/Palin's numbers were topping Obama's and suddenly the world economy was in a meltdown! Obama stayed silent, and got elected, because staying silent was safe. Nothing McCain said or did would have been taken well under the circs. Someone told him, "you just be quiet, and this will play itself out in November."

Dolly, once I would tell you that idea was up there with black helicopters, but a lot of people I worked with that are still in the trading pits said it reeked of manipulation, and almost all of them pointed at Soros as the logical candidate to pull it off.

I am not sure how Soros is buying the reporters' positions at NPR ...

Is NPR a 501(c)3? It is illegal for a donor illegal to target donations except in a very general way to a 501(c)3.

How can it be legal for a donor to target donations to a government funded entity?

JAL--At any nonprofit, a donor can stipulate what he wants the money to be used for. For instance, donors to universities can designate that they want the money to go for scholarships or faculty support or the library. It works the same way at NPR: a donor can say, "this money is to expand coverage of issues X, Y or Z." If you listen to NPR with any regularity, from time to time you'll hear them credit certain foundations who give money to advance coverage of certain causes. (Although you might not like NPR, I do recommend listening on a regular basis just to know what the liberal talking points of the day are likely to be.)

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