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October 09, 2010


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no bubbles are caused by making banks and mortgage companies give loans to people who never paid back a loan in their life.

Thank You for posting this!!


Common Cents

EXCELLENT! The word needs to get out about the Dems role in the the Community Reinvestment Act and the use of Fannie and Freddie to spread subprime mortgages throughout the economy in the form of bundled securities so that they became poison pills on Wall Street. Government Regulation (CRA from Dems) killed the economic golden goose of Capitalism, not the free market

"This is what a seventh-grade teacher in one of the nation's top public schools is teaching the kids taday[sic]."

No, that's the description provided by a clearly unobjective observer of what's written on a piece of paper which hasn't been produced.

Maybe the coming of Obama is the spark which will lead to the reduction of government largess to all the useless government employees who are overly paid for little or no productive work.

Barney Frank is - not to insult the equines among us - a horse's derriere! And that's on his best day.

How in the heck does he retain office? Are the people in his district just idiots?

Not one cat we know (Purrkey, Tiny, Rusty, Buddy, Tim the mouthy Bluepoint Siamese) - none of them would be as dumb as Barney!

Let's see. Greenspan brings up irrational exhuberance in 1996 and Barney finally brings it up in 2006. So Barney is 10 years slower than Greenspan...I didn't think anything was slower than Greenspan. Has anyone checked Barneys pulse lately, perhaps he's "petrified".

Sissy, I hear good things about the Beilat-Frank debate last night.

I guess Barney got flustered a few times. Good. I hope Beilat gets into Frank's little pin head and stays there all the way until election day.

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