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September 01, 2010


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I love the MFM (tip o' da hat to Ace).

They hate everybody west of Manhattan and east of Anaheim. They make no effort to hide it. When they're not smugly patronizing, they're angrily insulting.

Then they get defensive when somebody notices it.

These progressives are truly an amazing lot.

They are pretty dismissive of people south of Los Angeles and between L.A. and San Francisco as well. When I lived (if you can call it that) in California during the 70s, 80s and early 90s, it felt like we lived in two separate states, that's how sharply divided the two portions of the state could be and frequently were.

Sarah Palin is AUTHENTIC, ergo their inability to diminish her appeal in any way! Let them try - each attempt only makes her stronger.

I blame Graydon Carter. I've been sneaking peeks at that magazine for years now (my wife is a subscriber). She claims she never "reads" VF and only looks at the pictures. I'm this close to shaming her into cancelling *holds up thumb and forefinger* but she claims she can't do without the glossy fashion pr0n and that they keep giving her breaks on renewal prices.

I did finally convince her to cancel The Atlantic.

I stopped reading The Atlantic a very long time ago. I used to read it in the distant past, just to see what my political enemies are up to. There are better ways to keep up on them now.

I'm amazed that anybody still reads VF.

Good to catch up on the news over there. What happened with that Faust at Harvard? Is she still there?

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