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September 05, 2010


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An "Army of Davids" (ht Glenn Reynolds) blogging with much force has the leftist bloggers in a snit fit. To sub the letter "h" for "n" in "snit" would probably me more apropro.

The closer to election day, the more the left blogosphere acts like a fire ant bed that has been only slightly disturbed by a foreign insect.

Hither and yon they scamper, warning all who would listen of impending doom.

You know we the people are not capable of making judgements about anything let alone Sarah Palin without the leftist intellectuals to guide us.

It is probably timely, given the rising hysteria among the left about November's mid-terms, that a brother site to teapartytracker be created, to search out racism and extremism among the Left, and within the NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I'm not sure why, but when I first saw the footage of Sarah doing Dave's makeup on Friday, it delighted but did not surprise me.

My reaction was, that's SO Sarah: just do it. She is capable, willing, and generous.

Now, reviewing the video or photos, it's plain to see what a tender and caring person she is. We first glimpsed this Sarah on the campaign trail when she held her infant son, or met other children with Down Syndrome and their parents.

I'm really beginning to get why Sarah scares the sh*t out of the Left. She can blast your head off with deadly accuracy, but can administer a loving and tender touch to this deformed man and children with Down's. This beautiful woman who doesn't flinch when anyone else might. The Left doesn't have any such person in their ranks.

Yes, Sarah is a team player and a dark horse. Even her own party needs to wise up.

One thing I have to terms with is this: There is no sense in debating with liberals, they do not have anything in their arsenal other then to attack, label, smear, and hate.
Why would anyone waste a brath of air on these lunatics is beyond me. Ignoring these rascals is a better method, methodically making fun of their hate would bring better results: humiliation-something they can't tolerate at all.

All this is really very very sad but it was not Vietnam who started the war but the US and now they'riping the fruit.

I read your article. I still can't connect the title to the point of the article. What does Sara Palin's caring regard for a fellow human being have to do with guilt by association?

Palin haters: the liberal liars
Guilt: What is the article saying she has been accused of?
Association: Who has been made guilty alongside her and what have they been made guilty of?

You title may generate interest but the follow through lacks coherence.

Sherry, dear: Talkin' about the difference between a real person and the disingenuous narrative spun by persons predisposed to project their own ugliness on to those whose political views they disagree with ...

The liberals will say she's now using a disfigured vet as a prop as opposed to a downs child. These people are beneath low.

Palin just keeps confounding the Left.

They'll be chasing their tails 20 years after the end of her second term.

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