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September 16, 2010


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Liberals without God often tend to hate those who believe. They miss the point. Altho God may not exist, religions represent the wisdom of the ages in understanding how we must behave to have a society in which we can live together in a relatively civilized manner.

Ratzinger gets beat up by the Andrew Sullivans of the world, but if you read him without rancor, he speaks a lot of truth.

I'm not even sorta Catholic, but I like the Pope. He's cool in my book.

I'm afraid that Barry O lost his soul long ago in Bill Ayers living room.

Y'know that could be a good short story.

A young man, with resentments, and ambition, and a desire to do good....gets a chance to have his coming out party politically....and gives in to temptation, and goes to investigate when an evil man offers....and then gives in again, and accepts teh evil man's deal....and then the evil man reveals that he's not an evil man at all, but the Devil, and he wants the young man's soul in exchange for power....story ends there but with a definite hint that the young man gives in again....cut to the Devil walking into the WH Oval Office to greet the President.

"I got you what I promised you. Now for the rest of the bargain."
"Yes, but you didn't say it would be all ashes. No one loves
me." The President says

"I don't deal in True Love, m'man. You need to ask the Other for that."

Permission granted for any writer to use this.

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