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September 03, 2010


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OR Murkowski can take 4 years off, reconnect with her AK root and take back her seat in '14. Let her get a feel for what AK has become and the people's needs, a recharge after her long time in DC.

Maybe every Senator should have to do that after 2 terms (12 years is plenty).

Let us have freedom of the press once again. Freedom from the stifling "we know best what you should be allowed to know."

How dare anyone try to tell me what is in MY need to know! I am a free citizen of a certain age and have the absolute right to know whatever MY government is doing on MY behalf. With the exception of any knowledge that might damage the safety and security of my nation (a standard that the New York Slimes and other elites seem to be willing to ignore).

The more I hear about Todd and Sarah Palin, the more I think they will be the best thing ever to happen to this country in the first quarter of the 21st Century! And they MAY well be the saving of this Republic!

I should have said "together with George W. Bush" in that posting. I would never want to denigrate or ignore his copious contributions to the protection of this blessed land of ours. Which is sadly unappreciated by the liberal elites!

Howard Kurtz is a whining dork!

Shorter Howard Kurtz:

"Waah! That mean lady is makin' fun of my peepee!"

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