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September 25, 2010


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Great posting, Sissy!

I'm still out here, busier than ever -- but I follow what I can.

Hey, Binah! Great to have you back here. Hope all is well with you and yours.


Interesting thing about the role of women in this revolution - in the past, we've been told women preferred the Democrats because the Democrats were going to protect them from the world (a huge 'safety net', so to speak).

If what's being discussed is real, it appears that at some point, the safety net becomes a straitjacket.

Okay, they've "listened" and they have "Pledged" now they have to "DO". The first two are easy. It's all about words. The last one has always been the point of failure as it requires them to work - to be counted. We'll see.

As for the demographic, it's a bit anecdotal. For instance it could be there are more "grandmothers" showing up because they are the ones who have the time to go to these things. The polls will be the place where we really see who is part of the big change. We'll find out for sure in November.

I've been married 35 years.I saw this coming a long time ago.I'm just shocked that it took this long.Men in Washington it's time to 'Fish or Cut Bait'.

I don't think the impact of women in the electorate has changed all that much in recent years. What I'm hearing anecdotally is that there's a large shift in how some women perceive government and what its role is. What I hear is a lot of women who used to think of the government as their provider/safety net realizing that it's actually an abusive drunk that knows how to sweet talk during election years.

Noonan 'hearts' Obama

Obama's inflation and the resulting weakness of our economy are driving home to many the greed of our power hungry politicians. Even to men as well as women.

Grandmothers just want their families protected and have the ability to plan for the future. The men running the country think it's all a really fun game to plan cap and trade so their banker buddies can trade smoke, make billions, and take them hunting in Argentina...to shoot thousands of birds and let them lie. Americans are the passenger pigeons in this game and the international bankers and their political hunting buddies are loading up to shoot us all down. Grandmothers don't play that game.

The men running the country???!!! Last time I checked one of the ruling triumvirate was a woman, and a grandmother to boot! It's not gender, or race, or age that matters. It's the ideology stupid!

Peggy and her good RINO pal Kathleen Parker are such sell outs.

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