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September 07, 2010


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All of the above superbly engineered by Sissy.

Thanks for having us, Goomp!

What a beautiful gathering and photos so representative of familial love. That is how I have always pictured Labor Day. When I first learned of the day I was a little girl and very confused because Labor Day usually fell on my birthday, September 6th.

Being a child I had the audacity to believe that the day was my very own celebration. My parents unwittingly encouraged this belief by always throwing me a birthday party.

When I realized that the day was observed in honor people who work I was again confused, wondering why staying home from work was a way to celebrate working.

I decided that it made more sense being the celebration of my own birth instead of a day encouraging people who work to not work.

Charles Dickens in his wondrous work, David Copperfield, began his story with the words, "I record that I was born," so every September 6th, instead of pondering the meaning of the day which had its beginnings in strikes and counter strikes I blow out the growing candles on my cake.

Your Penny looks so much like our Penny, who appeared out of nowhere in our backyard as a puppy this summer. She is another reason why my birthday felt so full of glorious gifts.

Hi, Laura Lee --

I loved your commenta. So refreshing and so good to hear from you.

I'm forwarding your words to my nephew/godson Matthew, Penny's companion animal. :) He will be delighted, I know.

I hope all is well with you. Am enjoying the political scene but sometimes overwhelmed by the relentlessness of it all.


Looks like a wonderful relaxing and convivial time was had by all! Yay! Such a sweet puppy dog - just love the eyes. LOL.

Yes, the political scene is just too much for me - especially when I'm busy. I have had to step back from it all over the last year or so. It's far more restful that way. ;-)

Lovely post, Sissy! The menu made me lick my lips (on a diet, so all hypothetical)! What a sweet pooch!

Was up your fair city briefly Saturday but on such short notice (taking pictures for a piece for RN) that I didn't email. Next time...Took my boy tramping around my childhood haunts along Pinckney St. and to the Public Gardens, and State House, etc. Quite overwhelmed by childhood memories and lingered too long to see all the more touristy places on my list...

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