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September 22, 2010


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Someone posted an interview that Sean did at college following a BF speach. Sean asked " How much blame do you take for the houseing meltdown? Barney got real defensive and rambled for awhile, at which point Sean said, "If it was none, then just say none". Great interview,GO SEAN.Can't remember where I saw it,sorry.

As the Republicans have proven over and over again in recent years, they are a limp-wristed, wishy-washy set of pols who somehow gain power periodically and are then completely baffled about what to do with it. Put them all together and you almost have a complete backbone...

I keep hearing the Republican status quo people lamenting the tea party and characterizing the candidates as "nuts" and "untrustworthy". Interestingly enough, the fact that the candidates they support are all about backroom deals and rolling over when confronted never seems to phase them. They are clinging bitterly to their two party system even when there is almost no difference between the parties any more except one wears red and the other blue.

Let's hear it for the tea party.
-- They may or may not be "nuts".
-- They may or may not be "trustworthy".
-- They may or may not get things changed.

But they damn sure deserve a shot if they can win the elections. They certainly can't do worse than the current crop of spendthrift lunatics.


Thanks for flagging my post! I was going to contact you and other local bloggers to help spread the word and get volunteers for the Sean Bielat video after I had set up something more formal -- like a website and proper write-up -- but I didn't want Ace's post to go to waste, hence the rushed comment last night.

Anyhoo, that's very cool you spotted it. When I do have a site with more info (maybe as soon as tonight), may I come back here and post it?

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Was there not a recent poll showing Sean within single digits and Barney below 50%?

That's almost a wet dream for conservatives in MA so I'm not getting too excited. Of course, a map showing Scott Brown's results in Barney's district might be illustrative.

After all, there do seem to be two words missing in almost all analysis of this November's election: Scott Brown. Just sayin ...

Sean Bielat has a great chance.

Also, lets look at the two candidates. Bawney Fwank is a grotesque parody of a corrupt kleptocrat politician. Bielat is a Marine who seems intent on protecting my wallet from elected goons like...well...Bawney Fwank.

Case closed.

I've set up a blog page with information if anyone wants to volunteer to work on -- or appear in -- the videos we'll be making. It's http://goviralonbarney.blogspot.com/

Check it out or just drop us an email at GoViralO[email protected] and let us know what you want to do to help.


This is our first real opportunity to replace Barney Frank. He was totally involved in creating the atmosphere that caused the financial collapse, and he is unapologetic about that. He will continue his corrupt ways, so the only option is to vote him out.

Sean Bielat is an excellent choice to do that. He embodies the constitutional framework of the citizen servant. He will work for us, not for himself.

Let's help him beat Barney on November 2nd by donating to his election campaign at www.retirebarney.com or www.helpsean.mobi.

Barney Frank the poster child for the corruption of entrenched encumbancy, the arrogance of this Democratic reign and the failure of liberal policies. He is also a card carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America and was on their previously published list of 70 members of Congress who were also in their party and working within the US government to advance their agenda and dismantle the capitalist system. He is a threat to our national interests and has already proven the extent of the damage they can do to the US economy...one need only to look what has occurred in the last three years in the US financial, housing and credit markets.

Besides all the reasons Barney Frank needs to be removed from office, Sean Bielat represents the real hope and change this country needs to correct the trajectory of the country going forward. He is young, energetic, smart and an independent thinker who will work towards fiscal responsibility and limited government.

We in his district are working to correct the course of the country by retiring Barney Frank and electing Sean Bielat. If you would like to join the fight please:


I'm from Michigan and WISH I could vote for a candidate like Sean Bielat. Wow - what an amazing candidate. I'm unemployed and still sent him $10. You should too! http://www.retirebarney.com http://www.HelpSean.mobi

Although I am not in Frank's District, I have long languished at the prospect of his remaining in office FOREVER. He cannot escape his role, however, in having CAUSED the real estate and housing fiasco that led to the domino effect throughout the financial industry and CAUSED the current economic problems. He and all the other Socialist scum in the Democratic party, which appears to be all of them, MUST GO; and, for a change, we have the chance to get rid of him and them, ONCE AND FOR ALL! Sean Bielat is a great candidate and I wish him all the best as I do Bill Hudak in my District to take out John Tierney, another I'm entitled to everything you have, democrat. NOT ANYMORE! SEMPER FI, SEAN!

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