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September 16, 2010


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Let us hope the revolution stays bloodlees

Sissy, you are fabulous!

Governor Chris Christie, who is wonderful, campaigned for Castle. Castle was a bad candidate and campaigner. We love Governor Christie, even when we don't agree with him.

Respectfully, I think that Rove got mad. Remember all of the grief that GWB had heaped on him. It was bearable because we all knew that GWB was trying his best and that he was an ethical person at heart. And we know that he didn't have a problem facing adversity.

I'm not defending his over the top rant, but I am wondering if that's what he was thinking.

Thank you, Sissy!

rove is always on television talking about how bad obama is with all his spending. well thats what bush did too. rove is always acting they were the good guys now. just because obama is worse, that doesn't make rove and bush good on spending. he is part of the big government spending that has incumbent republicans in trouble as well as democrats.

I tweeted to Rove that he was rewriting history by saying the NRSC did NOT say they would not fund O'Donnell Tuesday night. Bret Baier did report the withholding of NRSC funding citing two sources at the NRSC on both twitter and facebook. Interestingly, Karl has not replied;) But then I am just an ordinary barbarian...
Rove is off his meds. Also, as a FNC analyst I do not recall him saying one word about O'Donnell's opponent,the self proclaimed Marxist, Democrat Coons. What happened to fair and balanced? Something personal triggered this unprofessional outburst and it is remarkable that he doubled down today.I do not think this is strategy.

Karl Rove could've recused himself from commenting on O'Donnell/Castle long before he went on-air. That would've been the fair thing to do.

Why he didn't is anybody's guess.

Personally, I suspect male menopause! Even Uncle Karl is not exempt.

Seriously, the so-called "big tent" Republicans who have been running the Party (into the ground in some cases) forever are seeing their era come to an end and they don't like it one bit.

I'm amused to recall the over-the-top calumnies heaped upon Rove during GWB's first term. To hear the Left tell it, Karl Rove was Machiavelli reborn, Satan's better looking older brother - you name it, they said it. And suddenly, they're expecting people to take every single thing Rove says as gospel?!

If you're looking for consistency, never apply to a Democrat!

You may want to change 'juguar' to 'jugular', unless you are talking about the very large cat (jaguar)

You can also delete this post :)

Meadow: Thanks for the typo alert.

You'd never know I competed in the State Spelling Bee in my youth (fell down on "colossal").

Correction made. :)

Out with the old big spenders (no matter what party they claim they belong to) and in with the new small government representatives.

They may not be able to accomplish everything they want, but both of the entrenched, fat cat parties need to be shaken to their core and even completely replaced.

I'm liking this tea party movement.

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