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September 14, 2010


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Now let's see if the Tea Party knows how to lead, once they're in front, or if they'll keep turning around to see what the Media are saying. If we're gonna be a bear, might as well be a grizzly!

Joan is so right. LOL. I am curious to see how Stopa is doing. Little did I know until recently that he along with 3 other candidates were finally going to give us a choice out here in McGovern land. Maybe we'll have a new Congress person come November.

She also defeated Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved who have been cautioning their listeners about the stupidity of voting for O'Donnell for weeks.

You know, I like Hugh Hewitt generally, but he is one of the WORST ever at picking winners in sports and politics. I get his argument, but this year is about the American people propelling a primal vomit at the politics of same-old-same-old. This kind of reaction might even result in the loss of a seat or two, but the message to incumbents is going to be clear: Don't F*CK with the American people! We've had just about enough of the BS from both sides of the aisle. Read it and weep, GOP milquetoasts.

I think that's right, Paul, and that message is in a lot of ways more important than the seat makeup. They need to know-- no more pussy-footing around, no more excuses, Republicans have worn them all out. So if they understand they'll be OUT if they don't listen, well, mission accomplished.

Just in. NRSC will not support O'Donnell.That's good news. What good did their support do for Castle, plus they don't have any money because nobody trusts them anymore. Give directly to your favorite candidate,screw the NRSC.

Karl Rove had his knickers in a twist about this one as well. I'm of two minds about this particular race - let's be realistic, the woman has some problems but then so does her opponent. Hannity stoutly defends her. I personnally am peeved at the RNC for saying they'll deny her funding! I have suggested, in my own dainty and loving way, that they should grow up, put on their big girl/boy panties and give the woman her funding and quick screwing around. Fighting each other will NOT defeat the Dems who are a danger to our way of life for a long while to come unless stopped right this moment!

Those old tapes are fine for Daily Intel, but they're a waste of time for people actually interviewing her. They should ask her about her current positions on abortion, homosexuality, etc. which are right out on the edge. Though that one about China wanting to take over the US (while facing a Chinese-American opponent) was only a few years ago.

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