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September 29, 2010


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She's doing very well on the show, despite the negativity in the lamestream press prior to the first episode of the DWTS! They had apparently "assumed" that she wouldn't be any good and her joyous fun-loving personna makes liars of them all! And she doesn't show up dressed like a hooker either!

I'm voting for her. And here's a thought - wouldn't it be nice if she found a nice solid friendship with her partner? Get her mind off that idiot she made a baby with? Just hoping for her happiness. She's a beautiful young woman and I want her to have a happy and productive life!

Back in the 1920's when I was a boy and up into the 50's most cities had a liberal slanted newspaper and a conservative one. You read the paper which suited your temper. Today I don't read a newspaper. I find support for my beliefs available through the internet.

Kudos to Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas, who are obviously having a blast on the dance floor.

Right after their routine in week 2, the camera cut to Sarah and Piper, cheering them on. They were both having fun, as well.

Nanny-state liberals just can't understand how anyone can be allowed to have fun, without the approval of the self-appointed busybodies.

I'll take the Palins' joie-de-vivre over the nanny-state liberals, any day.

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