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September 27, 2010


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No, my grandfather's Republican party is part of the Democratic party. While Billionaires for Bush sounds nice, the truth has been Billionaires for Barry and before that they were for their fellow country-clubbers, John and Al.

As crazy Uncle Joe would say, "This is a big F%$#ing deal."

For what it's worth, Biden is in New Hampshire. Not Delaware. So I guess Biden thinks Karl Rove's done all the heavy lifting that's necessary. In a state that has all of 3 counties. And, Biden took off for New Hampshire?

"...nothing but increase the national debt and eliminate government services"

After all these years the Dems are still at it. Someone should tell Joe that if you decrease gov't services, you decrease the money spent and therefore decrease debt.

I know, I know, it's sooooo complicated. Someone draw him a picture.

I think the argument about how to handle government expenditures would be so much simpler if government's outlays to individulas were reported the same way as our income, now much enlarged with the IRS Form 1099-MISC requirements in Obamacare. Simply put: IRS Form 1099-GOV. We'll argue about cuts next year when we see where the money is going and how much, from all levels of government, is getting spread around to favored classes.

Biden says it all. Democrats increase public services and reduce debt. The miracle party. Because there is no reason to be efficient, government is an economic disaster and needs to be kept as small as possible while retaining an orderly society.

I used to think Joe Biden was hilarious in his stupidity, delusions and ability to stick his foot in his mouth. Now he just scares the peewadden out of me - being a heartbeat away from the presidency as he is!

The Republican Party is the one which started all this economic downturn with a war in the wrong country, another war, waterboarding prisoners, and spending out of control. They were warned that the banks were lending too much money to people for homes which they could not afford...two D.A.'s, one from NC and the other from Ohio went to Washington and told Bush about it. They were laughed out of Washington. Bush did not know there was a recession until he got a memo on his desk! Hello! Everyone else knew but the President? I don't think so!

Calm down, Margaret, and may I suggest you do a little homework before you start spewing the left's tired and tawdry talking points. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd had more to do with the economic meltdown than anyone on the right side of the aisle. Thomas Sowell has the goods.

A most hilarious comment indeed. She managed to pull in war, waterboarding, banks, and DA's... blame it all on Bush (this time characterized as completely hapless)... all in one paragraph. If I'd been drinking water I would have spit it all over the monitor. I think she has a future in stand up comedy.

Its always hilarious to watch a Democrat lament the 'new' conservatives. They insist that back in the day, the old Right were reasonable patriots. It's only nowadays that the GOP has been supplanted by latter-day crypto-Nazis.

The problem with that tired hacky formulation is that it's always been the older Republicans that were good guys. During his time in office, Reagan was called every name in the book. Now, Democrats think he's okay and the Tea Party folks are evil.

As Jonah Goldberg has said, in the Democrat mind, the only good conservative is a dead one.

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