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August 21, 2010


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Psychological needs vary. I agree that for most who dwell in the public eye that need is to be noticed by one's peers. Others caring more about what they think of themselves can take a more thoughtful approach to reach their decisions.

The Partisans in the Media had a monopoly which grew obtuse trying to defend the Clinton Negligence.

Even today, few Americans are aware of the Clinton "revolution" declared via HUD to provide Mortgages for those who could not afford it. The seeds were planted which greatly weakened our economy today. The abuse of Fannie - Freddie, etc., would grow, wasting BILLIONS in US Taxpayer funds - used as a partisan cash cow by Democrats. Everything during the Clintons in the 1990's ended up hurting the USA, especially the disastrous appeasement of NK, the Arafats, the Taliban, etc., and the mindless efforts such as the Gorelick Wall - as well as the Torricelli Intel Reform which all left the USA vulnerable to attack on 9-11.

Even the effort to elect the corrupt Clintons was a text book case in Partisan manipulation, and an infamous bit of fraud on 60 Minutes managed by Steve Kross after the Superbowl had a lot to do with it. These unethical Partisans even tried to sell the American Public that the economy was the worst since the "Great Depression" at the time. None of it was true, nor was the lies of the Clintons who claimed "era of big government is over" - as they quickly rushed to Nationalize Health Care and raise taxation with one of the largest increases the US Public has ever encountered.

But few will know these things, as the Partisans lied, manipulating the vast American Public with the tired theme, portraying opposition to Democrats as racist, fascist, greedy, etc. They even went to enormous lengths to hide the ugly reality of Bill's lies under oath.

Democrats not only took over the "NEWS", they grew to dominate the Print, TV, FILM, Music, Educational, Courts, etc. after the mid sixties. Americans haven't really had a chance. And many Conservatives were foolish to ignore the folly for so long. Yes, many focused on their own lives, enjoying the success in the private sector, as the Democratic Partisans worked to slowly 'change' all.

I hope you don't mind, but I cannot help but think of this as well when I read the mighty EIB these days.

There is a huge problem for the good side.

I feel more and more, it is an issue which can again enable the very worst in the end.

The ugly stereotypes and games Democratic Partisans use to survive politically, still seem to work. And regretfully some of Our Biggest Conservative Pundits, like Mr. Limbaugh, are enabling on a daily basis. As good as the Mighty EIB is, at times for fashion and approval for a smaller - very vocal population amongst Our base, a very poor, simplistic Conservative Stereotype is being peddled. Even when the record or facts dictate the opposite (for example, like the foolish equating of the two Parties), many Celebrity Conservative Pundits cede some of the most absurd concepts for the sake of fashion - especially just for the frustrated - emotive few.

The reality is very sad. Even with the rise of Conservative Media, in the realm of the Internet, Radio, Print, etc. (Even with Murdoch's wonderful FOX NEWS), we have watched the same rise of disastrous Democrats to power. They run it all in Washington now, and the results are ugly. Conservative Pundits blame it all on the GOP, which is hardly fair, objective, honest, or helpful - as the GOP continues to sink under the weight of those willing to exploit Fashion over basis.

Perhaps one of the most silly example, was some Conservative Pundits crying foul recently about the RNC only having a small amount of funds (supposedly). Now the logic is lost, as these are the same voices who repeatedly bashed the RNC terribly, and even advertised for many not to fund the RNC, (just send money to Candidates directly they repeatedly said). Are they really unaware of their own personal responsibility?

Recently, for an example for Rush Limbaugh, the mighty EIB HERO foolishly equated the horrid Senator Lindsey Graham, the well intended - but weak & ineffective Bill Kristol, and the successful Gov. Christie. In the offering, Rush Limbaugh stretched reality. He said all three, including Mitch Daniels, was telling us to "shut up". It was a mix of populism - playing himself (the multi-millionaire) as someone in common with the little People. But none of those he referenced ever said the US Public should "shut up". The entire grouping was absurd, and the distortion of their own expression was dishonest.

WFB created a movement based on facts, not distortion or straw men. Rush Limbaugh is doing the opposite here.

Rush Limbaugh again exaggerated the content of the offering from each of these individuals from his own side, to claim a mantle of the fashion - to proclaim himself as the 'conservative ultrahero'. He irresponsibly debased and misrepresented. Again, the truth was lost. Just as many grew reactionary after 2004, and out of shear fashion, debased their own interests in Washington for 2006. Facts and reality were ignored yet again. Fantasy, emotive angst, generic stereotyping were encouraged.

None of it was fair, or helpful.

None of those referenced by Rush on that moment can be equated, especially not with Gov. Christie. Nor were any of these, Daniels, Christie, Kristol, saying anyone should "shut up". Graham may have foolishly implied something close, but even he did not suggest Americans not offer their opinion. Christie for example, merely expressed his regret that some were exploiting an issue politically - especially President Obama. It was the truth.

Did he say what I had wished? No, but to falsely promote a distortion of what someone offers, is unethical. That is what Democrats do, and especially Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Boxer, Schumer, Obey, Dean, Kerry, etc.

We used to be better than this, and our honesty, our class, our integrity, our intelligence, etc., used to empower the Conservative movement. But today, it isn't the case. We have enabled the very worst, and one wonders, as I read the Limbaugh offering in the link above, if we will grow beyond this juvenile sophistry. We see some so desperate to excel personally, their ego or angst is so overt, they will use ugly names for some fine Americans, just because they don't say or do everything we desire.

It reminds one of the grouping games from High School. Popularity, book sales, cliques of the accepted, and the rejected.

Rush Limbaugh has lost so much since 2004. I have been listening since 1993, think the Man is a true hero. But now he is lost in a fashion. The competition of many trying to claim the 'ultra conservative' label, has pushed him to offer pure distortion. One would think this huge success would be secure in his own nature, but we still see him offer ugly populist terms like "blue bloods", etc.

It is as if he is eager, as with many Conservatives, to turn everyone away, grow divisions, lose elections. Instead of growing to sincere victory with reason and strength, inviting all to join the sane side, we seem eager to self destruct.

Sorry for the lengthy rant, but this problem continues to grow, and I wonder if we will self destruct in the end. I look for some who are responsible, who are insightful, some who will lead.

Today, the fashion projected by some, including the EIB, (and this is a Diddohead typing), would have rejected the Ronald Reagan as a Presidential Nominee. They would wine about his being from a Red Democrat State, having been an Actor in Hollywood, a former Democrat, someone who compromised with the opposition repeatedly, someone who doesn't have a perfect Conservative record - background, someone who doesn't have a cute accent from outside of Elite Circles, etc.

It is easy to offer condemning expression for the disastrous Democratic Party. They are horrid and deserve far worse. But the offering of many on Our side, is only making the essential fight against the disastrous Democrats even harder. And most regretfully, Rush Limbaugh is a prime example.


The rant by Brooklyn hit a nerve. All the Republican Senate and House candidates in the recent Kansas primary (with one exception) spent rather large sums in an effort to claim the "true conservative" label for themselves.

It's an argument over semantics, and it's is an argument made by people who have lost sight of the fact that conservatism is a means to an end (constitutional limited government, sound fiscal policy, economic and personal liberty, strong national defense) and not an end in itself.

89% of Americans polled agree the MSM is in the tank for Obama. If their ideas are so great why the affirmative action from the MSM? Obama was never vetted and they cover for the leftists, such as when Palin's church was burned down 5 weeks after the election. Never heard? --little wonder. It's an outrage.

This is the most radical group to ever run the country and the MSM is Pravda.


It is all about social issues. Essential in the primaries, death in the general.

And you know what will bring the Ds back from their death bed? The coming legalization of pot.

As to social issues. Can't ANYONE do anything without government any more?

"The real issue is, whom do we select as our peers."

What are you, some sort of RACIST? We must not be permitted to be in the business of "selecting" anyone as our peers. If they wish to come here and grace us with their presence, we must welcome them with open arms.

I keep hearing that the legalization of pot will save the Dems. I just low how the pro-pot crowd has gotten that position into the discussion, trying to use the Dems' desperation to their advantage. Nice work whoever started that meme.

SteveM: "We must not be permitted"? What are you, some sort of STATIST?

You completely miss the point: My peers are freedom-loving seekers of wisdom and truth.

"My peers are freedom-loving seekers of wisdom and truth."

Everyone in the world sees themselves in that light. Osama bin Laden could have written those words. Opinions about the proper content of the words "freedom", "wisdom", and "truth" vary widely.

SteveM: I'll go with the Founding Fathers' definitions. See Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution. Sharia? Not.

Gee, I knew there was a good reason I stopped reading/watching/paying attention to these MF's more than 10 years ago...

How long ago did Rush point out the hard-left bias of the establishment media by saying, "I don't need to be balanced with 'equal time,' I am the 'equal time'"? Decades ago. The latecomer to the discussion of left-wing media bias may well be you, Sissy Willis.

Hey, Micha Elyi, we're on the same side in this war of words. Let's call a truce.

Besides, I've been soldiering on for decades too. Check out my "Soylent Green revisited" to get that bad taste out of your mouth: http://bit.ly/89Dj5S

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