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« Ground Zero cry from the heart: "It means something to be close to where my mother may be buried, it brings some peace" | Main | A growing chorus of "minority" Republicans are finding their voice »

August 10, 2010


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Regarding Greg Gutfeld's Gay Bar: http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/violent-muslim-homophobia-jihad-against.html

The Ground Zero Victory Mosque is a well publicized example of a general phenomenon: Mosques mean trouble!

In Europe (and soon in America), wherever Mosques are built, the locals can say goodbye to their homes, streets, neighborhoods and eventually their towns: http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/mosque-blight.html

Wow. What a shockingly ignorant blog. I'm not sure how this blog post ended up listed on Alltop in the first place.


GREG GUTFELD is amazing. It is all so poetic.


A so-called "liberal" has complimented the mighty SISU with the word "ignorant".

Do Democratic Partisans even know what that word means?

Having watched them push Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Charles Rangel, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Dick Durbin, etc., on all of us, providing the worst policies one can imagine, they seem to be the ones lacking a serious intelligence.

After the Carter Malaise and the Clinton Malfeasance (which included even making it policy to lie about the Genocide in Rwanda), it is amazing to realize Democrats haven't learned a thing.

Look at the disaster Corzine, McGreevy, and the Democrats running the State Legislature in NJ, created in the Garden State. The endless tax, spend, lie, etc., killed the economy, crushing revenues and employment opportunities. The same disastrous formula pushed by Democrats in NY, CA, LA, MA, MI, IL, etc.

It is no wonder why Gray Davis got the boot, and yet we now see Democrats doing the same folly on the Federal Level. The failure is simply predictable. Yet it is ONLY Democratic Partisans who remain utterly blind to the horrid reality.

Often those offering ugly sniping, tossing around "ignorant", are the ones who cannot offer any substance to support their views. It is most common, to find out these tired "label" pushers, are those who are truly ignorant.

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