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August 23, 2010


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Sean's the first candidate in a long time to really challenge Barney. We need to get behind him to push Barney out!

Support Sean: https://secure.donationreport.com/donate.html?key=LS0QOAGF2EQE

Candidates like Sean make me hope that we're turning a corner in this country. The Barney Franks of this world should not be permitted to lounge around on our quarter, destroying our free enterprise system and ignoring our Constitution. Furthermore, Steele and the "establishment" Republicans need to be shown the door because they aren't serving "We the People" any more than Barney Frank is! Retire Barney NOW.

I hope you'll keep writing about Sean because you're blog is read far beyond this district in Massachusetts. We can use support from across the country and the country will benefit when Sean replaces Barney.

Sean Bielat is Georgetown BS, Harvard MA and Wharton MBA. He's a businessman and serves in the Marines Reserve. He's the kind of guy we need in Congress.

After what Barney did to Fannie & Freddie and the banking industry he deserves not only to lose his senate seat, but he should be sitting in a jail cell!

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