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August 05, 2010


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I have much, much, more to say than I have time to write, so for now, suffice it to say this: As one of those rare "African Americans [who DO] know who these Black Conservatives are and what they represent," I say without hesitation that I would rather be represented by them than the idiots at the NAACP who needed to find something to whine about so badly, they claimed a greeting card was racist for making reference to "black holes"!


It's interesting that the Left put so much emphasis on skin color, where the right or mainstream American look at their character.

These "journalists/reporters" that were screaming at the Tea Party candidates, see everyone through their own character or lack of, and belittle those that aren't more like them.

We need to get these patriots elected, and then start draining the swamp of DC.

LNSmithee and BradnMS: Great comments! I've incorporated them into my new post. Thanks so much. :D

We cannot expect those who have had financial success and power thru the support of the idea that people of dark color are persecuted to give up their power and luxury just because it is no longer true.

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