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August 14, 2010


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This November, Barney Frank will be stunned to discover he has joined the ranks of the unemployed.

He will console himself with the sure knowledge that he can make millions lobbying his old friends in congress.

But then, like a bad dream, he will discover that all of them have been bounced too!

Thank goodness he has his gold-plated, diamond-encrusted, platinum-infused, jewel-dripping, cash-stuffed congressional pension to tide him over!

Whew! That was close!

A man who has worked as tirelessly as Barney Frank has to destroy America's financial future deserves the most opulent retirement that truck drivers, loggers, bricklayers, and waitresses can pay for.

The Dems confuse Bush with Barney.

Great article. Thanks for posting! I agree that Sean Bielat will bring a much needed fresh perspective to Washington. He is a man of intellect and integrity and will make the 4th district proud again. Sean has my full support.

A question for Mr. Bielat. While many Americans including this one cannot restrain our excitement of seeing the backside of Mr. Frank forever, a vile human (it has nothing to do with being gay) and a financial moron who has contributed hugely to the destruction of our financial health -- he has had a great deal of help from both parties. I ask Mr. Bielat to express to us what he believes are the three most important efforts Congress can undertake to stabilize our financial meltdown and begin to reindustrialize the U.S. We have a permanent trade deficit and huge budget shortfalls which are destroying the nation, linked with mismanagement at state and county levels in all regions. What does he propose? The fix is going to take a generation. But what does he propose to begin the healing?

Jonathan, the question should be: "What should Congress un-do?"

There is no "Do", there is only "Un-do", Yoda

will he vote to repeal obamacare?

will he support transparency even when it hurts?

While I am a Florida resident, nothing would make me happier than to see Frank out of office. Bless you and God speed on your effort to unseat him.

ps - hopefully Redstate or a blog like them will help get the word out that Mr. Frank finally has a decent challenger and folks from all over America who are fed up with Franks arrogance and ignorance will support his ouster. I know I would, even sent Sholly some money last election -

I live in MA in the summer months, but in CA in the winter months. What does Sean feel needs to be done to stop illegal immigrants from entering this country? Also, how does he feel about Obama's flagrant disregard for the constitution by failing to uphold the law by allowing santuary cities like San Francisco to continue to harbor illegals? P.S. Good luck Sean. I like what I hear about you!

I am a Massachusetts resident who has had to listen to Barney Frank's nonsense for my entire adult life. I know Sean Bielat personally and I can't tell you how excited I am that he is the one who will finally end three decades of arrogance, corruption and ill-conceived/naive/dangerous liberal policy.

Sean is a US Marine with a great academic background (Harvard, Georgetown, Wharton) and an indisputable record of private sector business success (iRobot + C-Level Management Consulting). He will listen to the voters as opposed to ramming unwanted legislation down their throats. He favors private sector solutions and wants government to work within the limitations outlined in the US Constitution. He wants to rein in spending, cut taxes, simplify our tax system, secure our borders, and defend us against all enemies, foreign and domestic. In short, he wants to work FOR us, not AGAINST us!

Sissy, I look forward to your exclusive interview with Sean. I'm sure your readers will like him and I will do everything I can to help spread the word around. Thanks for the great post!

It's time to RETIRE BARNEY FRANK! http://www.retirebarney.com

I am a candidate for State Representative in the Massachusetts Eighth Suffolk District. One of my biggest concerns regarding the unfettered growth of the Federal government is its effect on state's rights.

The federal government increasingly uses the power of the purse to bludgeon states into accepting mandates and adopting policies in contravention of the 10th Amendment.

I would like to know what a Congressman Bielat would do to return the balance between the federal and state governments to its rightful and Constitutional place.

Brad Marston
Candidate for State Representative

Sean Bielat has taken the "Club for Growth" pledge to repeal Obamacare! For those who wonder if he's tough enough to take on Barney, remember...HE's A MARINE! Sean will make the tough calls to cut waste, even if it's in the district...Ouch! It's ALL the taxpayers money. Naturally, he will work to support the district first, but not with pork and waste. He's serious about fixing what's broken.

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